Moto G4 Plus (Athene)

Hi guys, I wanted to try to install /e/ on my g4plus btu when searching for the rom I can only find Moto G4 - “athene” … is it the same as the non-Plus version or has it been discontinued?

Yes. Athene is the code name of the Moto G4 Plus. I installed /e/ on one last winter and it worked fine.

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We’ve got also in the family 3 moto G4 Plus

One has just moved under /e/ OS from LineageOs microG

I appreciate it’s still maintained with the up to date security patches.

The great plus of /e/ OS for me are:

  • the microG stuff
  • the integrated /e/ (fork of davx5) account to sync agenda and contacts,
  • the integrated nextcloud client,
  • the ability to change default DNS…

And I even like the launcher :wink:

I guess Silence is not the default Text/MMS application because it can’t handle more than one SIM card account.

Ok, I’d like F-droid with privileged extensions to be installed by default.

I’ve installed also Magisk to be able to get benefit of some applications that need root permission as Battery Charge Limit, AdAway, BackgroundRestrictor, USB Mountr, oandbackup or even Yalp Store.

To take pictures, I installed the default Moto G4 plus camera application for I have to say I was lazy to compare to Open Camera.

I had a crash with Mail the fork of k9mail. But if everything can be solved (edit: it is now), I’m going to move the other phones under /e/.

Special thanks to Manoj for building it.

Just installed /e/ on athene XT1625 everything is working, including camera!

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I just flash my MotoG4. I did follow and everything went OK.
I did spend few moments with new /e/ and looks very good.

I am looking forward to discover new possibilities tomorrow.


Good to know @jano I have a MotoG4 Athene and am keen to flash /e/ as well. My problem is that it has Motorola factory Oreo on it and unless I am mistaken the /e/ version is Nougat. Does anyone know if regressing to an earlier version is possible or not. I have /e/ on a MotoG2 and Nexus 9 tablet and both are functioning well.

Is it android 8.1?
If yes, then you should be OK.
I had android 8.1.0 on MotoG4 with build version was OPJ28.111.-22 before flash and now I have android 7.1.2.

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Thanks for that. I will check it out in the next few days

Olá ! Amigo respondendo sua pergunta no que se refere a “REGRESSÃO” eu fiz em meu Moto G4 Plus, Instalei “e_OS” está funcionando perfeitamente.

Thanks. I have installed it. A couple of things to sort but seems to be ok

Not sure whether this is the right thread, but what about an android 8.1-based /e/ Rom for Athene? Is it planned?

The stock ROM from Motorola/Lenovo was on 8.1, and last time I checked (~Jan/20) Lineage4microG only had 7.1, while there existed an unofficial LineageOS build for 8.1.
This week’s newsletter would have been more honest with a small text saying that 8.1 is “available only on supported devices” IMO (I got excited and then found out that my /e/ 0.8 has to stay on android 7.1).


same as @zigmhount I would like to know if there is a chance to get /e/ base on 8.1 to my still working MotoG4.

Sadly this device is only suppored by LineageOS on Nougat.
The official support of /e/ for Nougat will end at Q4 2020, and the official support for athene too.

Hopefully, if there is a working LineageOS 15.1 or 16.0 for athene somewhere, an unofficial /e/OS can be built.

An unofficial build on Oreo is already available (and up to date) for this device :

hi @jano I have built an unofficial /e/ Oreo rom for athene which I am using on a daily basis you can find it here.
But please read the disclaimer above from @Anonyme

thanks, please what is easiest way to upgrade to your unofficial build? do I need upgrade it over twrp?
I assume that if I have some problems I can go back to official /e/ build.

Yes use twrp. I have had no problems so far

I have updated with @vernr build and it is running OK for few days now.
I am not sure about auto updates. Is it going to notify me if there is new update? or I have to check manually? thanks

Yep @jano will upgrade in the next few days and post here

Oh well … hope I will not get banned ;–)

GApps must always be flashed via recovery (TWRP) right after flashing the ROM (clean flash always perferred) and explicitly before booting the device for the first time. You also must pick and download the appropriate GApps for your platform (phone, tablet).

Maybe Aurora store or espacially my favourite - Raccoon for Linux / Java and even Windows or MacOS - is the better solution to download and look for updates.
Now I shut my mouth.

Sometime my phone restart, its not often so it is not big problem.
I am not watching main /e/ but maybe there is newer version.
Please, can you build update?