Moto G7 Questions Following Fresh eOS Flash

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EDIT: Post is based on install of e-0.16-q-20210415110657-dev-lake

I read up on A/B Partitions/Slots, pretty cool feature for OTA updates and avoiding corruption during them. I have a basic knowledge and I finally was able to flash /e/ to a Moto G7 Plus Model: XT1965-T without any bricks. I now have a few questions. Pictures associated with the questions can be found below. I would appreciate any help on these questions, thanks in advance.

  1. I was able to permanently install TWRP from it’s associated .zip file on an external SD after doing the temporary TWRP boot from the .img file but after the /e/ install TWRP was replaced by /e/Recovery, what did I do wrong/why was TWRP overwritten?

  2. At the end of the flash TWRP returned the message in red letters, "Unable to find partition for path ‘/cache’ " What did I do wrong here/any fix?

  3. When I start the device I am met with a blue Motorola screen and at the top a black section with yellow writing, “Verity mode is set to disable”, what did I do wrong here? Is this anything to worry about? Is there a way to eliminate this message?

  4. Can anything be done about the nasty splash page, “Your device software can’t be checked for corruption. Please lock the bootloader.”

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Re your point 4, #2980

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Thank you. I need to educate myself on how to not miss info like this.

I believe the issue with #1 is because I didn’t reboot after the temporary TWRP boot (fastboot boot twrp.img) and the permanent flash sideload from my MicroSD card. If I understand correctly, doing so, does something to a partition on the slot making TWRP permanent and not being overwritten by the ROM flash.

After fastboot boot twrp.img I side loaded TWRP and then flashed /e/ from that boot… I’ll retry with a boot to the permanent sideload of and then the /e/ flash.

EDIT: Nope, I will just move forward with /e/ Recovery.

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