Motorola G7 Plus?

Hi everyone,

are there plans for porting /e/ to mentioned G7Plus “Lake”?

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For the Motorola Moto G7 Plus (codename: lake) released 2019, March, there are already UNOFFICIAL builds of TWRP 3.1.1.x and LineageOS 16.0 and 17.1 from February and March 2020.

Thank you, I know. But what does this mean?
Are there also plans for porting /e/?

Hello @breiti, you are the first user here to ask for this device. In my opinion, the amount of work involved in software development would only be worth it if a significant number of users would be interested in it. Does this statistic speak for or against it? Why do you think a /e/ OS Build Team should make a port?

Okay, thanks for the clarification. :+1:

Just for an example and food for thought, judging by the lineage stats, more than twice the amount of people are using Moto G7 Plus than Google Pixel 2 XL which is officially supported by /e/.

Well, statistics, download numbers and so on should always be questioned. Nevertheless, higher four-digit numbers (Most active model) give a stronger indication of their popularity.

Why did the /e/ team choose the dreamlte, dream2lte and greatlte or the Fairphone 3 FP3 as future /e/ OS supported devices?

Seeing OPO bacon top of the list blew my mind, such an old device.

I have a Motorola Moto G7 Power (ocean) on order, because of its 5000ma battery basically. I’d love to run /e/ on it but it doesn’t look possible at the moment. I’ll be scratching around to see what else I can find. LineageOS doesn’t appear to be supported on it, so I’ll play a game of patience. Hopefully something will pop up in future. It’ll make a good paperweight until then!

I certainly want /e/ to succeed as there needs to be a viable alternative to the big two… Hopefully I’ll find a way to support this project better when the phone arrives (when I’ll have more reason/urgency to find an alternative OS for it)!

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I would be interested in the Motorola G7 Play, the smaller (5.7 inch) variant of the G7 series.