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I’ve just successfully installed e/os v1.4 on my moto g5 xt1676 and I have a suggestion about the installation guide. For me a vital step was missing.

My G5 had firmware older than android 8.1 and I couldn’t flash it with any of the e/os versions available under the link in the guide (ranging from v1.0 to v1.4). The first signal that something was wrong was a “mismatched partition size” message when installing recovery. Despite the message it launched but when at the 47% of the sidelining process it aborted with this message: “‘This package requires firmware from an Android 8.1 based stock ROM build.”.

This issue was already raised in the community here: Cannot install /e/ 1.2 update on Moto G5

What I had to do is to update the firmware to stock android 8.1 and only then I was able to flash it with e/os. I then had no issues with recovery and sidelining. (BTW, this guide to update firmware worked fine for me:

Thus I would suggest adding this step (in case of older firmware) to the guide as many of the moto g5 could still be running older stock firmware. I think this may help some less informed wannabe e/os users.