Moving from iPhone to Samsung, about to install /e/. Will I be able to import my contacts?

I just bought an approved Samsung, for the purpose of installing and using /e/. I have used an iPhone for the past… gosh… has it been 12 years or so? (wow)
I don’t like Apple anymore. I was looking for real alternatives besides the two evil giants, and found the /e/ website.
Anyway, I’m nervous about this… Will I be able to import my contacts, photos, and voice memos to the new system?

Hi @abigail82 you can check the details shared here on how to move your data from other sources.

Thank you. On that page it only talks about importing from another /e/ account or from Google. I’m coming from iPhone.

Do not have an iphone but if you can export contact to a .vcf file it can be imported in eCloud
@andrelam as an ex- iphone user maybe you could answer this better

I made a howto here

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