Multiple user profiles / separation / containerization of users

Hi People,

I am using a Fairphone 4 purchased from Murena with /e/os 1.6-s 2022129238946-stable-FP4 since a month now. So far it has been both a refreshing and a challenging experience - in general I am really happy with it.
I have accumulated many questions and observations. But trying to stay on point with this topic so I will share them across new and existing topics rather than one long read.

This is a question about the creation and use of additional user accounts. For example to separate work and private use.

Prerequisites – I use opensource apps and privacy friendly apps where possible but in the real world I have to use apps like MS Teams, Outlook, WhatsApp etc. Many posts talk about Shelter to organize that. I tried to install Shelter but it will not work - it actually notifies me that it is not install-able for my phone/OS combination.

But what does Shelter do that cannot be accomplished with an additional user account to containerize work and/or privacy unfriendly apps?

Use case example with Whats app:
I’ll create an additional user account, I’ll install WhatsApp + an address book with only limited amount of contacts (so that FB will not have my full list of contacts).

  • Are user accounts totally separated as far as privacy is concerned? No leakage?

  • Is it possible for this new user to utilize the second sim in my phone?

  • Is it possible to effectively tailor Advanced Privacy per user account?

Another use case for example could be, (while waiting for per app location permissions :blush:) to do the Magic Earth navigation from another user which uses real location? As switching users is really fast it would be easy to do.

Anyway, I am looking forward to your insights.


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the forum by now has a lot of info that gives quite an insight, give it a try. Answers not older than a year should still be current

on MS Teams, Outlook: there’s also Office365 DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN - you’ll need to exempt the domain from being blocked for it to work. As of now you can’t use a outlook Email within “Mail” (Mail with Outlook/Office365 servera - #9 by tcecyk), you’d need to use the upstream k9mail.

ForumGPT would be great to do some auto-answering now that I come to think of it :slight_smile:

Thank you tcecyk for your rich comments and answers!
Yes there is a lot to be found on the forum already. It didn’t emerge in my initial search however, so I am happy with your feedback.

I’ll try some of your suggestions and links. It is especially important for me to discover and understand current possibilities and limitations of using /e/OS Even more so because for the larger part I will be just a user. A user striving for the best mix of privacy and daily usability.