Murena cloud syncing in one or two directions?

Can someone confirm that

  • syncing allows deleting photos in the cloud only,
  • or else, if I do this leaving the pics in the phone, it will re-upload all the cloud deleted pics,
  • or if I delete pics in the cloud then the next sync will also delete cloud-erased pics in the phone?


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good question

the doc page on sync doesn’t really elaborate. The Readme doesn’t detail it either, might be worth to ask @Manoj or the developer to make this a paragraph in the docs or source repo.

The code for the behaviour is here and you need to keep in mind edrive tallys current and past files once known and uploaded in a database.

My reading of onMissingFile() on the remote (cloud) is to not do anything locally if a remote file was found, is not present locally, but was uploaded once before to the remote. So deleting photos locally that were uploaded once is safe. That isn’t what you were asking about, you’re concerned with how remote deletions are handled locally: this changed recently (must be in v1.13 or v1.14) - instead of back-syncing deletions from the remote the sync is disabled for the filepath and is locally kept.

Well, best run this by Manoj and the developer.

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Thank you @tcecyk ! This behavior is exactly what I hoped -and f I dare, to the end user your description is much clearer than the reference technical change :wink:
I’m going to try :face_with_peeking_eye: