Music streaming : are they all tracking us?


TrackerControl allows to monitor and control hidden data collection in apps.
This may help.

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Freezer is dead. But you can still use various modifications of the official Deezer app to minimize tracking.

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I have Deezer installed.
Can you tell me what could i do to minimize tracking, if you know/remember ?
(i use DoH, so i can’t block trackers with TrackerControl).

I am an Apple Music subscriber as well (for now). They pay the highest fees to artists from all the known streaming services and with AdGuard installed, I see no advertising. It works very well on /e/, including seeing the lyrics, which I greatly miss on my Linux computer (where I listen via web).

I can’t remember if I installed it on /e/ via Apps, apkeep, or F-Droid, but at worst case, Aurora has it, via anonymous download.

Why is freezer dead? i use it every day… Also have Apple music installed, but prefer freezer :joy:

As external aids, the XPrivacyLua and AdAway are useful when DoH/VPN are deployed. But there is an option to use modified versions of the applications where telemetry and all junk are forcibly turned off.

Development is suspended, websites have vanished, new releases are not expected.

Oh did not know freezer development stopped… It stil works, but thats really sad. I pay for Apple music, but don’t like the app. It has 2 trackers, and don.t like the GUI. Time for an open source music client.

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I am a fan of Tracker Control.

TrackerControl is an Android app that allows users to monitor and control the widespread, ongoing, hidden data collection in mobile apps about user behaviour (‘tracking’).

To detect tracking, TrackerControl combines the power of the Disconnect blocklist, used by Firefox, and our in-house blocklist is used, created from analysing ~2 000 000 apps! Additionally, TrackerControl supports custom blocklists and uses the signatures from ClassyShark3xodus/Exodus Privacy for the analysis of tracker libraries within app code.

Spotify Lite is also an option to use.