Need help: have all Redmi Note 7 (lavender) resources, no build environment

Hello guys!

I’m interested in developing for the Redmi Note 7, but I don’t have a stable build environment right now.

However, I’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting (or at least some of the legwork).

This is my GitHub:

In it, you will find:

  1. Vendor, Kernel and Device images (in their own repos) - EDIT: These are already defaulted to a branch called lineage-15.1
  2. The script, modified to include correct device (lavender) and version (1.0-pie) info (in rmn7build repo) - NO OTHER CHANGES FROM FORUM-PROVIDED TEMPLATE
  3. The roomservice.xml file (in rmn7build repo) , created with the data from the proprietary repos, as specified here: [HOWTO] Build /e/ without docker for non LineageOS supported devices

In “theory”, anybody with a stable building and compiling environment set up should be able to just clone these repos, put the files in the right place and build.

But I’m out of time for a few days and I haven’t been able to properly set up the build environment.

Is anybody with a stable build environment willing to build this for me, and other Redmi Note 7 users?

It’d be greatly appreciated.


Nice job @marcoscodas !

Thank you very much, Piero! Fingers crossed, somebody takes pity, haha. Took me 7 hours to do all the work today (mostly because I’m new to ROM stuff), so I’m hoping somebody can carry the torch across the finish line.

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(Samsung Galaxy Tab2 espressowifi (two models 7 & 10))

That was a lot of progress! Hopefully people will jump on this, too. The device is very relevant and I know the sources for the kernel and vendor and device stuff are all good, so it shouldn’t take much.

I also know the device runs with both Android 9 and 10, as I have run them before, so it’s all compatible :slight_smile:

For my device, this is not the case.

Sorry to hear that, Piero.

But lineage 15.1 is oreo branch, also you use sources from different projects,are you sure they are compatible with each other? Why not take lineage 16.0 sources for all of it? Erfan abdi has at least vendor and devicetree for lineage 16.0 so all thats missing would be a good custom kernel fitting pie and the rest :slight_smile:

post your roomservice.xml on deldog and I will have a look. And use docker for building, than you don’t need work on a build environment. the only thing you have to install is docker. And HowTo install docker on your distro, you will find in docker documentation.

EDIT: And as I have told you in telegram group: First build for a supported device to ensure that your envirinment is working. Than you have all sources availble and you can start with your own roonservice.xml


  1. Thank you for the heads up! I’ve updated the branches to lineage-16.0. They are now the default branches for those repos.
  2. They appear compatible as they were used by a developer whom I know to be making Pie ROMs for lavender. I just had to get them from its original source rather than his own forks, because his repos were corrupted.
    At any rate, there are unofficial Lineage builds as you said, here’s one:

Letsmakecakes is a fantastic lavender developer and I’ve been using his ROMs for months. Very stable.

Here are his repos:

He seems to have a pie-specific device repo. If you guys want, I can make a letsmakecakes-specific roomservice file to compile from his sources rather than mine, too.

Please let me know.


Thank you! Here you go:
As for docker: I’d still need to download 200GB or so of resources, if I understand it correctly. I just don’t have the bandwidth to do that, which is why I’m asking for help <3

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yes read about lets makecakes builds as well…

Might as well work on a letsmakecakes-specific roomservice build, then. I actually emailed him a couple of days ago asking him whether he’d consider doing an /e/ build. I haven’t heard back from him but I’m not losing hope.

In the meantime, I’ll get working on this.

you have only updated the branches to los16 ?? or do you have used other sources with a los16 branch
Only changeing the branch to LOS16 won’t work, because the sources are not PIE !!!

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@harvey186 those repos have branches off the master that are already labeled lineage-16.0 from the originals, so they are Pie repos to begin with, as far as I understand it.

My original mistake was setting up the roomservice file without remembering that los15 was oreo, not pie. Aside from that, the actual repos and such are all Pie repos, as far as I can tell.

Yes, I have checked the branches you have forked. it’s OK, they are pie

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Thought so, but I was so tired yesterday I just double-checked again :slight_smile: do you need anything else that I can do for you to try building, if you’re still going to give it a shot?

I’m building with this roomservice.xml
and the build is short before finish.
[ 99% 64186/64188] Package OTA: /srv/e/src/PIE/out/target/product/lavender/

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That’s odd, I wonder what it could be…

EDIT: Sorry, are you saying that the build fails before finishing? Or that you are almost done? Apologies, I’m still knackered from last night.

Package Complete: /srv/e/src/PIE/out/target/product/lavender/

build completed successfully (04:29:54 (hh:mm:ss))

[Mo Apr 13 17:07:48 CEST 2020] Moving build artifacts for lavender to ‘/srv/e/zips/lavender’
[Mo Apr 13 17:08:07 CEST 2020] Finishing build for lavender

I’m just uploading the zip and will post when ready. than you can test it

YEEEY!!! Thank you so much! I’ll get my device ready.