Need Testers for the S9 / S9+ OTA OS Upgrade

We are testing the Over The Air (OTA) upgrade of the /e/ Operating System.

  • The testing will upgrade the stable device from /e/OS Oreo to /e/OS Q versions
  • The idea is to provide the users a one-click-upgrade option with zero-app-data-loss.

This will be the first step in a continuous development effort where we will provide OTA upgrades for all stable devices currently stuck on older OS versions of /e/.

To test this upgrade work we are calling out for users with S9 / S9 + devices with /e/OS installed.

We need testers in two categories

  • Advanced testers…users who are experienced in taking backups of existing data and also installing OS on their S9 / S9+
    • these advanced testers may already be on /e/OS Q build on their S9 / S9 + and are willing to revert to Oreo build and then upgrade to Q
  • Users who would want to test the upgrade by simply going from Oreo to Q.

Note the testing may wipe out all your existing data so keep backups ready in case of any errors in the process.

Interested in helping us ??? Pl send the following details to

  • Username on telegram
  • Username on Gitlab

We need these details to add your name to a telegram channel dedicated for this upgrade testing. and provide you access to /e/Gitlab Project to help you access these test builds and any specific documentation.

I would like to thank those who have already volunteered to help with the testing.

  • ETA to start user testing on OTA OS Upgrade : 24 May 2021
  • Expect the testing would take about 2 weeks to complete for this device.

At present this testing is on hold. During the testing we detected that the IMEI was being wiped off from the upgraded devices. Developers are working on resolving this issue. Updates on when the testing will start will be shared here

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