Week 20 : 2021 : Development and Testing Updates

This week it is all about testing.


  • We will be starting the testing for v0.17 this week
  • There are some big changes coming in as part of v0.17
    Among the fixes being tested are
    • Refactoring of the code in Apps - Default /e/ App store
    • MicroG specific fixes
    • Corrections to the Browser links…some of which lead to Google specific pages
  • To get a complete list of all fixes coming as part of v0.17 check this link
    As you can see there are about 31 fixes in it
    18 May There is an issue with the updater app which crashes on checking for new builds. This is delaying the start of testing. We have a fix which will be merged and a test build released for testing team. Post this we plan to start testing v0.17. Hope to get this started in the next two days.

Testing Process Update

  • We are working on a new mode of testing.
  • What we are proposing is with a simple change in the settings a user can get test or dev builds
  • Any one can get access to the test builds without having to sign up
  • For those who are eager to try this out let me be clear. There are some disadvantages of the test builds which include
    • the test builds will be unstable
    • test builds will be frequent
    • Ideally do not use test builds on your daily use devices
      Will share more details once we ensure that the process works.

OTA OS Upgrade Testing :
This we will start from next week or week 21. This week we are using to find some volunteers who will help with the testing. If you have a telegram and a /e/ Gitlab ID and yes a S9 / S9+ do send in your details and join the testing efforts. User Testing starts from 24 May 2021.

This post will get updated during the week as I have more inputs.

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Some observations:

  1. Amazon Alexa gives “Certificate error. Please update Google Chrome.”
  2. Amazon Shopping always gives “Uh-Oh” error with dog pictures but shows content in background before this.
  3. eBay never logs in.

Applications that require the entire code base of Google may have a tough time on /e/ as we removed all the ‘calling home’ code. There is even a list of apps that do not work but it is more specific to Microg. There are some changes coming as part of v0.17 which should resolve issues with some of these app crashes.

How is “Saving mail attachments” coming?

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Is this the issue you are referring to.

Yes, that’s correct.

Checking with the team for an update on the gitlab thread.

To be a bit more specific, in my (GS290) settings it says local/internal storage.
However Mail is trying to save on external storage, i.e. SD card. It appears to behave opposite the settings.

hi all, as I can see you are all talking about v0.17 but my s4 mini still has 0.13 and it says “no updates available”. is there some issue? thanks

Hi, @bara
you can use a translator if needed

Thanks @piero. Any estimation when it could be ready?

We have an issue with some of the devices which do not have dedicated ROM Maintainers. Not have good working custom ROM’s on latest OS is another problem. Soon we will have to take a decision on what to do with some of these devices still stuck on nougat. If we can continue supporting them or a OS upgrade is possible.

understood, thank you.

Do you mean that all devices stuck on nougat could be removed from the supported list or only the ones with issues ? Thanks.

Devices stuck on nougat for which the upgrade builds are failing …for these we will definitely have to take a call.No security patches or vendor updates will add to the problems for these devices. We will share the names of the devices we drop in these weekly updates.