New Android Phone for /e/ . Best purchase and what is supported

Hi I need to purchase a new phone and what to move to /e/ but I notice the supported devices seem old. Can I get some advice on what device and how I can update a 2020 phone.

Waterproof and a decent camera;



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For example:

Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ | S9 / S9+ have the protection class IP68 / IP68 certification

Galaxy S8 SM-G950F / Galaxy S8+ SM-G955F
Android 9 , with Security patch Mar 2020

Galaxy S9 SM-G960F / Galaxy S9+ SM-G965F
Android 10 , with Security patch Mar 2020

The camera is ultimately only as good as the camera software. And it is well known that custom ROMs are inferior to proprietary manufacturer software.

@elliotrock I am selling my S9 Exynos SM-G960F

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S 128GB (sometimes available for $250) — by many aspects it is equal to S9+, but at the same time applies a very different approach. The body is made of ceramic, although it is not waterproof

OnePlus 7 Pro — has many negative points, such as high SAR level, lack of wireless charging or water resistance, but with a very high price tag. However, this is definitely the most advanced hardware for eOS today.

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I’m also looking for a device but sadly there is basically nothing. The only e compatible phone that comes near my Huawei Mate 20 x or Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is the Oneplus 7 Pro.
I don’t know why e only supports small phones.

You can sort by year or by size in this table if you want :

/e/ supported devices table

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I choosed the smallest one the s4mini,
you can choose the biggest.
If you want a large screen, you also can choose a Tablet
use /e/ on a tablet

thanks for you reply. When would the S20 series ROM happen? I know its hard as this seems to be an open source community. Although I am a software engineer (Tech Lead) I have not had much exp with the java world.

S9+ looks good though.

Thanks mate. Definately looking for a larger screen. I have a ios 6plus atm. the S9+ looks good.

Dumb questions. I assume I can use normal android apps too? Like Instagram?

The Oneplus 7 pro is the only real phablet. And even that one is already smaller than my phones. That’s why I said there’s basically no phone.

And a tablet? Not sure how I’m going to have phone calls or put it in my pocket.

Galaxy S9+ 6.2 inches, 1440 x 2960 pixels, 18.5:9 ratio

In preparation are:

Galaxy S8+ 6.2 inches, 1440 x 2960 pixels, 18.5:9 ratio

Galaxy Note 8.0- 8.0 inches, 800 x 1280 pixels, 16:10 ratio

You might consider a Fairphone 3. It’s not waterproof but it was released in 2019 and there’s currently a beta test running for it’s /e/ release.

Cheers. I just purchased a S9+ plus as I can’t buy from here as I am in Australia. Next steps will be to setup /e/ once I get it :slight_smile:

Very important!

Models supported by /e/ OS

  • SM-G965F
  • SM-G965F/DS
  • SM-G965N

Other models are not supported!


What do the abbreviations mean? F, F/DS and N

Country centric?

I had no idea there were different S9+ I got off Ebay and contacted the seller. Hope to exchange or get a refund :confused:

Follow the links:

Samsung Galaxy S9+ - “star2lte” SM-G965F (sinlge SIM)

Samsung Galaxy S9+ model list

With us in Germany/Europe we have a right of objection of at least 14 days for online purchases from companies.

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Similar laws in Australia, I have asked the seller if they have those models, if not a refunded. Politely of course :slight_smile: