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I am a new user from Belgium.
The first time I came in contact with the /e/ foundation was already 2 years ago. I didn’t pay much attention to it then because I was already using Lineage OS along with GAPPS at the time.
Not much later I read about the collaboration between Fairphone and /e/ Foundation and in September 2020 I bought a Fairphone 3+. Since I’ve been working on being completely Google-free for a few years now, I did start experimenting with /e/ OS on my old phone a few months ago.
And I must say that I have become more and more convinced about the whole project.
Online privacy is very important to me, and I think Big Tech has gained way too much power in recent years. So switching completely to FOSS is my personal goal.
So I hope to install /e/ OS on my Fairphone 3+ as soon as possible, the only thing that doesn’t work on my test device are my banking apps. Once this is in order I will switch with my FP3+ and I can finally delete my Google account for good…

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Welcome, also a BE user here :slight_smile:

I can confirm following banking apps work on my plussed FP3 so they should be working an a FP3+ also I reckon.

  • Belfius Mobile Banking (except barcode scanning)
  • Argenta Mobile App

Payconiq by Bancontact is unfortunately not working anymore (I had it working on a 0.13-q-dev, but after some updates both from e/OS/ and the app it just stopped working).

And Coranalert is also working off course :wink:

OK, i checked again on my test device (Motorola Moto X Play with /e/OS 0.16q) and i have to correct myself about the banking apps : the problem is i can’t find those apps in the /e/ App store, so i dont know if they are working or not because i cant install them… :slightly_frowning_face:

Apps that i want to install are :

  • Argenta Bankieren (be.argenta.bankieren)
  • Payconiq by Bancontact (mobi.inthepocket.bcmc.bancontact)
  • itsme (be.bmid.itsme)
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…all available from Aurora Store.

Aurora Store available from Apps (the e app store) or F-droid.

If you don’t like multiple app stores and the possible conflicting prompts for updates that might involve you could search the forum for some recent discussions on this topic.

EDIT: Actually they may not be exactly the apps you are looking for. Similar names…

Right, forgot to mention that.
I’ve installed them via Aurora Store :slightly_smiling_face:

Itsme is not gonna work I’m afraid

Yes, I know. But i hope not to install a second store because i share /e/ 's opinion that it’s not 100% legal :

I thought so, too bad… :confused:

I think you may misunderstand the statement. e say that it;'s not 100% legal to ship the store as a default installer:
“We cannot ship Aurora as default installer. It would be illegal because it infringes Play Store Terms Of Services.”

It’s perfectly fine for us end-users to use it. Myself I use it to install a bank app then uninstall the store.(prefer Fdroid) :slightly_smiling_face:


OK, thanks for explaining this. :+1:

Anyway, i still hope that i can install banking apps from the /e/ app store in the future, there is no official answer from /e/ about supporting banking apps :

I guess i’ll wait for it…

As you may have read in the e Roadmap for 2021 one of the key tasks on our list is to have better application support. This specifically means application that do not work at present on the /e/OS.

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Looking forward to it :partying_face:

I remembered that you can request an app directly in ‘Apps’. What happens after that I have no idea but I see another post where someone asks the question.

Someone has raised an issue on gitlab requesting some sort of tracking for user requests.

Also, in the editable list of apps that do or don’t work on eOS Argenta is listed as working, but payconiq listed as not working (it may not be exactly the same as the app you need though). Anyway it’s always worth trying on your own device to make sure.

I really wonder how you’ll achieve that. Don’t get me wrong I really hope you manage it, but AFAIK the main reason why Payconiq by Bancontact (mobi.inthepocket.bcmc.bancontact) is not working on e/OS/ is not e/OS/, but the app developers who decide that Google Play Store is a requirement for their app.
Their main defense is the enhanced security :man_shrugging:

We would try to accommodate the max number of apps. With Marvin the creator of MicroG himself working on this we are really hopeful. That being said if the app developers themselves want to ensure their app only works in a Google-environment then there is not much for a user to do except maybe find good alternates.


Hum, i’m belgian user too and with my sansung galaxy A3 2016, i have too version 0.10-p with fix for bootloop with wifi :DDD

I need time to migrate to Q

After, on banking apps, i have installed and used :

  • BNP
  • Itsme
  • Revolut

And these apps working very well for me (i don’t test/use barcode scan and bancontact)

For itsme, I have many issues linked to mobile operator or restriction by istme :
app blocked for move on second validation (via sms) : i use my personnal dns on /e/ (FR side) and itsme don’t like that (change temporally by FAI DNS)

no sms receive for second validation when create/validate account => base (my old operator) “block” sms by itsme

now, all are ok for me :slight_smile:

@Manoj @screenager I 'm using ‘Payconiq by Bancontact’ for paying bills and when i buy something online, its fast and easy, but at the end it’s just a replacement for a cardreader from your bank.
Same with ‘Itsme’ : replacement for eID cardreader.
So basically I could do without these apps, but it would be easier if I could use them anyway.
For me it’s much more important to be Google-free, so if I eventually have to choose I’ll go back to using a card reader and do my banking via PC.

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That’s what I do these days…
I “pay online” by bank transfer through the banking apps. I just need to enter all details manually and can’t use QR-codes, but I’m okay with it. :slightly_smiling_face:
Unfortunately Payconiq is used by some local shops like bakery, butcher, frituur, … and you can’t pay by card as they don’t have card readers, they only provide the QR code. So I have to pay cash there (which in a way is also better for privacy reasons​:face_with_hand_over_mouth:), but sometimes you just don’t have cash on hand :man_shrugging:


Some apps considers open boot loader as rooted phone and refuse to work.
Have you thinking about using Magisk combinated with its magiskhide feature ?
It is a interesting and working especially for bank apps as example…

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And when you close bootloader again? (f.e. on Fairphone 3)

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