New user vs Shelter


I have been wondering if I should create another user through the settings, or use Shelter if I wanted to test some apps before deciding to keep them.

I have seen that the question was raised some times (examples: Multiple profiles instead of Shelter? / Waht is the value of Shelter?) but, in the end, it is not clear to me if both methods are equivalent (Shelter creates a work profile, what is the difference with a second user?).

Can someone try to clarify that to me, please?
Target would be to have simple solution for a privancy friendly solution in a daily driver, to test new apps without exposing itself.

Thank you in advance

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bump :slight_smile:
Anybody could shed some light?

Thank you!

I will try with some questions:

  • in both “new user” and “Shelter”, can you have different launchers?
  • which one separate better / is more privacy friendly?
  • how “Advanced Privacy” or a VPN works in both cases?
  • in a double sim device, can the “new user” or “Shelter” be configured to use only 1 one of them? Basically switch user to use a certain sim card?

I am sure other questions will pop up … Thank you for the moment to those that can share some knowledge

I replied to shelter questions in one go in this thread - Multiple user profiles / separation / containerization of users … for shortcomings

For a general idea on how Android uses system level terms as “profiles” and “multiple users” on top of one and the same linux posix user model, these answers are good (even if the latter is on android kitkat)

So no matter what you choose, you’ll get new processes assigned to their own userid. Androids then allows for some overlap in Profiles (Shelter) for settings and media - or separates completely if you go with a new user (in Android terms).


Thank you very much @tcecyk for your reply.

I should have been very bad with the search function, since I had not come across your posts … my bad. Nevertheless, I can reassure you that I understand nothing of all the technicalities behind :smiley: (it is not a matter of unwillingness, simply I do not have the right background, and even after a couple of times, I am not sure I can understand all the contenct of the messages I read, most probably only the gist).

Therefore, to link your answers to my questions:

  • launchers: I will try to use different ones, and see the outcome
  • new user should separate better, so I will go for it
  • issues with “Advanced Privacy” in Shelter. I will see with the new user; I think I need the same settings for all the users, so it should not an issue.
  • VPN / sim cards. Since network settings are “per device” and not “per user”, no customisation is possible (for instance: SIM1 for one user, SIM2 for the other)

I will play a little bit around it and come back if I have further doubts / questions.

Anyway, I would like to thank you @tcecyk for sharing his deep knowledge on such topics (from what I could judge from the other posts / links). I have appreciated it.

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