Nextcloud account

I’m trying successfully my nextcloud /e/ account: this is my first step in /e/ world, waiting for a rom for my devices (Asus Zenfone 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Likebook Mars).
My question is: this account is and will be free, even I don’t have a /e/ device?
Thank you

Hi @duns the default /e/ account which comes with 5GB storage is free .

Thank you. Is and will be?

Yes. The /e/ account is permanent and 5GB is free. We have separate paid storage plans. The 5GB is free.

OK, thank you very much.

I manage successfully to connect nextcloud (contacts and calendar) with Thunderbird, but so far in my Android Phone app (True Phone) I get contacts, but not the groups…

Group sync is a general issue under nextcloud. Pls have a look here. There are some ways you can go

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I see. Thank you. I will wait for a fix…

But yesterday I noticed that in vcf file exported from Google contacts there are not groups. So, is not the Nextcloud’s fault, which don’t see something, but Google’s, which dont’t give something, i.e. groups.
So you have to set anew groups (saved in vcf file as “categories”: what is much better than in google vcf exported file).
Secondarily, and consequently, I noticed that DAVx5 doesn’t see groups because its settings are wrong: you must set groups not as separed vcf, but within vcf.
So now I can see ecloud groups in my phone app :slight_smile:


Could you pls show a screenshot or/and explain where to do ?

Unfortunately I have DAVx5 in italian…
This is the screenshot

The are 2 possibility (in account settings → below in the page “CardDAV”):

[ ] groups are separated vcards
[x] groups are per-contact categories

You have to choose the second alternative.
I hope it is clear :slight_smile:

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thx, have found

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Yes, excellent. But it seems you have made the wrong choice :smiley:

the screenshot was from BEFORE :wink:

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