Nextcloud automatically downloads files to the phone

Hey, I have noticed that on my Fairphone the Nextcloud app automatically downloads all the files that I put in via my PC(f.e. in the podcasts folder) without me telling it to. Has anyone else noticed somthing like that on their end. I can’t find a switch to prevent this. Before I had to manully trigger a download.
Thanks for your help.

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Can I ask … have you installed a separate Nextcloud app, or is your issue with the integrated eCloud / edrive. There is current ongoing work with edrive to improve granularity, Open Issues - e / Backlog - edrive.

I have installed the separate Nextcloud app but I guess it has to do with the integfrate eCloud/edrive because in the Nextcloud app there is no indication of those files on the phone. I could trigger a download from within the app and allso in the tab of files on the device there is non listed of those who ended up on my phone recently

Ok, so please bear in mind that this is an old, closed thread, Install and connect Nextcloud app to your /e/cloud drive to unveil its true potential. IMO both the first and last post are still accurate, but as others have found, you can get into difficulties where it is difficult to perceive where the two slightly bits might interfere.

As already said, follow the advice of @petefoth in the final post.

Do you have Nexcloud on your PC ? I do not necessarily recommend this – but it might give you another perspective.

Maybe I missunderstood something here in your first post.

I have installed the Nextcloud app before and have connected it with e. It worked fine up until lately when, for some reason, it started downloading files from the cloud which I didn’t initalize. I’ve just put those files from my PC, where I have also the programm installed and conected to e, into the cloud and for some reason those files end up on my phone without me doing anything. Before those files would sit in the cloud up until I told the Nextcloud app to download them. There is also no indication in the Nextcloud app that it downloaded those files. They end up on my Fairphone in folders which have the same name of the ones in the cloud f.e. Podcasts or Documents

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This is still happening on my phone. As soon as I place a file into the general folders like movies, podcasts, documents,… it will get also be available/downloaded on/to my phone. There is no indication that it does so in the Nextcloud app however. This is pretty strange as I don’t want to have all those files on my phone but rather have them in the cloud in just download them when I need them.
Am I the only one who has this problem?

Have you set up a murena account on the phone?

I ordered the phone from murena and I’m logged into it. So I guess the answer is yes or do you mean something different?

As I have my own Nextcloud, things are a bit different, but have a look here:

Turn off the last toggle, if it is on… And see if it changes the behaviour

Interessting. Didn’t notice this setting before. I will test it.

It only says Pics and Videos and there is no further configuration possible, and no clear wording on what folders it really syncs. Nextcloud app offers much more, but maybe too much for some…

It should be a quick test, just upload some test files in the browser and see if they still get downloaded.

What I discovered a few years back is that Pictures and Videos also includes Documents. Something that never made sense to me.

Yeah this is pretty strange and not really makes sense. However it looks like as if this solves my problem

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