NHS Covid-19 app won't work unless I update Google Play Services

I’m also interested how other microG features work, and what data is send through Google, can that be explained also?

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What you need to know about microG you can get from them and other places.

microG website
microG GitHub
microG overview at Wikipedia

I like to know what data is exchanged between Google and microG, how it’s better then the Google implementation? i don’t see this on the website, only an abstract explaination. And github… that would take a lot of time… So still like some details on this stuff.


I think this is really a fault in the app. It should not have this requirement if it is supposed to be usable by as many people as possible.

A few screenshots instead of long words …

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What device is that? Does the venue check-in work too?

Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte) with aPixelExperience 9.0 customROM - incl. module venue check-in.

The new UK NHS Covid-19 app version 3.7.2 (85).85 from 14.10.2020 works for me with microG Services Core version on @harvery186’s Q-GSI ROM, …


… but not the module ‘venue check-in’. This is probably very device dependent …

The same is true for me, using the same version of microG Services Core on my Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact (sadly not yet running an /e/ ROM, as there isn’t an up-to-date, working version for this device yet :frowning: )

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