No answer to three of my e-mails/Unhappy with Samsung s9+


I refer to my three e-mails I wrote without success to get in touch with you.
I ordered a Samsung S9+ with pre-installed /e/os. Since I am absolut not happy with the purchase, I announced my wish to withdraw my order within the 14 day period you offered. I asked you where to send the package since I haven’t found a return label in the box.

I found it slightly disappointing that I didn’t recieve any response till now. The whole transaction ist starting to become annoying. I didn 't notice any kind of delay in communication when I e-mailed you to get your bank data for a donation or when I bought the S9+ in your shop.

Even though I´m absolute happy with my old Galaxy S8 Murena - this is a lack of communication and and maybe lousy marketing for an outstanding product.

Any chance to get an answer to my e-mails?

All the best,


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Pl can you let me know if you sent the mail to ? That is the ID of the help desk. You can send the purchase details to them. If yes can you message me on this thread and share the email ID you used to send the mail and I can ping the team to respond ASAP.

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Dear Manoj,

thank you for your quick reply. Since all my attempts to get in contact with the were in vain I really appreciate that.
Yes, I sent two of my three messages to That´ s the ID given with the invoice and the default ID when using the web-interface to send e message.

Since we /e/OS-users are all quite sensitive to the topics of privacy and data protection, I´ m not fully convinced of the idea publishing my e-mail ID on the internet would be a great idea. The ID is identical to the one assigned to my account (An.Ri).
All of my personal and contact data are are listed under Invoice Number: O-2022-924, Order Number: 58756 dated February 8, 2022.
I sent one of my messages to on Friday, February 11, 2022.

Manoj, thank you very much for your support and assistance.

All the best,


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I have passed on the detail to the team and will update if I get a response. They should also be writing to you ASAP. Will update if I have any info.

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Thank you for pushing things on! :ok_hand: :+1:

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Manoj, you did your very best.
I really appreciate that, thanks for your cooperation and the heart and soul you put into this.

I still didn’t get any message from the team. The whole process turns from annoying to absurd. I got everything packed for the reshipment. All I need is a hint to which address I have to send the item. The address specified in the invoice is different to the one on the package.

So I put all the stuff together, even printouts of my unanswered e-mails (like in the good old days), and I will chose one of he addresses. Not quite sure yet which one I will use.

Some last thoughts.
I absolutely love my Galaxy s8 now running /e/OS 0.22. Everything works like a charm, the device -even if it is not a current flagship model- is incredibly overpowered and tadaa! fits well in the pocket. Awesome.

The S9+ i bought with preinstalled /e/OS is impressive in eqal mesaure. The only downside is, with the S9+ I only have a connection to my provider, when I literally can touch one of the antennas from Deutsche Telekom. Where the S8 works without any problem the S9+ can’t establish a mobile data connection.
That may sound like data privacy in perfection but, let’ s face it,a phone you can’ t make phone calls with is pretty useless, isn’ t it?

I assume the vast majority of /e/OS-users and forum members are enthusiasts in the niche of privacy and data protection. We pardon a lot, cause we know that the team behind /e/OS and the foundation are enthusiasts too and put in an effort.

Given that, it’ s not that easy to frustrate us. You did. Sad to say: this is lousy marketing.

All the best to you,


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@Shenol pl can you check this. @An.Ri wants to return the S9+

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Hello Andreas,
I’ve checked our helpdesk, and there are no emails from you after the one for bank details. Did you check if you got an error when sending emails?
Also, I have checked and it seems you don’t have an /e/ cloud account. If you have one, please email us using it. (please note that shop account is different from /e/ cloud account)
I’ll contact you using the email in order 58756

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Hi Shenol,

I put a printout of my e-Mail to heldesk in the package I want to return. I didn´ t recieve any error massage so I assumed it to be transmitted correctly. Thats all I can contribute to this question when it comes to technical questions.
I sent e-mails to two other IDs, including the general contact@… Neither did I recieve any error massages nor an answer.
But now I got all the information and documents I asked for to return the Galaxy S9+, packed everything and will send it to Argentan.

So, at least we got the return process done.
Thank you Manoj, thank you Shenol.

All the best,


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I have a similar issue; i did receive some blockages when sending emails to you, but the two most important ones appear to have gone through without blockage, and yet there are no responses from you despite a potentially urgent time crunch, causing me to question whether you saw it… My request to return the S9 has been hampered by your request that i factory reset it; see below for issues i ran into when upgrading to 10…

…before attempting to factory reset, which resulted in the next message’s pic…

How should i know what the password is when it was set by the upgrade??

Yeah, after the OTA update to android 10, my S9 also encrypted itself without asking. So now twrp asks the password, which no one knows (and reinstalling with no passcodes on the phone whatsoever does not work, I have tried that also).

You can skip the password by pressing cancel and try if twrp works on your S9.

Twrp is basicly useless now with my S9. You cant make any backups, you cant do factory reset, at least not on my S9. Fingers crossed for waiting new updates, if twrp works with those…

I have ask this before in this forum, but no one does not know, why the update to Q did this encryption automaticly.

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If you press Cancel does the installation move ahead

I did not press cancel…as far as i could tell it was part of the OTA upgrade, so i allowed it to run, although i thought it was odd (had never seen that before during an update), so i captured the picture…
This is especially an issue because i was trying to factory reset in order to return the phone (hence my reaching out to @shenol), which will now be delayed beyond the year (warranty period), a hopefully technical milestone we can avoid using.

I also do not recall cancel being an option.
Cancel on the second screen cancels the factory reset; the encryption during upgrade has already been in place by that point.

Hah! @ shenol responded that i should not expect any note than 100$ due to the problems with my phone… Very auspicious: do you have any further input, @manoj?
Needless to say, this is offensive.

@HekatheGreat @manoj, do you know who/what are the relevant European authorities to whom i may report fraud in case it comes to that?

If this is not fixed by the end of the week, i will consider removing all apps and settings manually before returning the phone unless someone can confirm that my return will be honored (for a later return)

I have asked the support team to check this issue. Also sending your details to the should get a response from the team. I am assuming you sent the mail using the same email ID as the one used on this forum.

No I’ve been communicating with the help deal using the email i used to buy the phone. Thank you for following up.

Following @shenol 's advice, i was able to format/wipe the phone. Nevertheless, upon restarting, it immediately encrypted itself again.

The fact that he told me the phone condition (which was fine before i allowed the ota upgrade) was the reason for my partial refund should be an embarrassment to the /e/ sense if professional service. I was impressed when i got here by how much you were able to pull off using such a small team, but using shoddy logic to excuse pilfering money from newcomers is completely unacceptable. I am not interested in a trade-in as I’ve already gotten a replacement phone since this one is not usable here. I hope we can figure out a mutually agreeable solution.

We have a 14-day return policy, which I believe is mentioned in the documents that come with the phone. When did you purchase the phone.

For all that have issues with TWRP password,
For some devices, TWRP is capable of decrypting the data, but for some it can’t. But since you want to reset the device, it’s not a problem. Just click “Cancel” and swipe the “Swipe to allow Modifications” arrow. Once on the main menu, simply follow the part 4) of this tutorial [HOWTO] The system doesn't boot (bootloop) . Which is “Wipe > Format Data > yes > Reboot System > Do Not Install”.