No Sound on Xperia XA2

Hello everyone,

I recently installed /e/ on my Sony Xperia XA2 using the latest /e/ build and the latest twrp from their site (
Everything seems to work fine except playing sounds other than ringtone and key-press tones.
What I tried:
-) Playing Music via Bandcamp - the player seems to “stuck”, the time indication is slower & no sound is heard
-) Playing Videos via Youtube over the browser - similar to Bandcamp. Video is also kind of stuck - shows a new still every couple of seconds.
-) Recording sound via pre-installed sound recorder app - it shows that audio is detected over the microphone but playback does not work as well

Playing ringtoney, key-press tones, etc works perfectly.
Does anyone have experienced a similar issue? Does someone have an idea what could cause this issue?

Thanks in advance! :wink:

Good to see you over at the other XA2 thread
Sorry couldn’t help you but if you do carry out another install (android 9 to eOS Q) I hope it solves your problem. Good luck.

Oh, and thanks for introducing me to Bandcamp!

You are welcome! :wink: Bandcamp is awesome!

With lots of help from chrisrg (thanks, mate!!) we found a solution on another thread: Two problems with Q install on Sony Xpepria XA2