Oldest phone with newest Android version (just for fun)

Hi all,

I would like to know what the oldest phone is on which (one of) the latest Android version runs.
Just to to show that the hardware can still be capable of supporting the software, and why it is so sad that the average Android user buys a new phone every 2 or 3 years.

Give the brand of the phone, the age/year of manufacture and the Android version.

I have a Moto G3, It’s 9 years old and it runs on Android 10. Okay, it doesn´t respond as quick as a new one would, but one can live with that.
Do you earn an older phone with the latest Android version running? Can you beat me?


That’s easy to beat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And yes, this is my daily driver, loaded with apps for daily usage:


And it’s even your daily driver. Great!

It’s funny you ask this today, as it is my personal product of a Repair-Marathon I did in the local Repair-Cafe exactly one year ago!

I even have the same old battery in it and it lasts me a day and more.

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Add current Android security update support as a requirement, and you have a valid challenge.

Else anybody can rummage through their old phones drawer and dig up devices from stone age which still manage to power up, for which the latest Android version was 2.x or something :wink: .

As of today, this means at least anything Android R (11)…

This Galaxy S4 is useded every day too, just without SIM. It has a docking station and is connected to my own nextcloud, as well as several media server, for playing music or control KODI on a TV, so in times it gets heavy usage.


Samsung I9295 Galaxy S4 Active

(jactivelte) Released 2013, June


You’re right, but I meant older phones which have one of the latest Android versions, not the Android version which was officially supported. I would leave out security updates; it’s about to show how older phones can still run newer software.

Okay, now you have beaten me by the date of manufacturing and the Android version. Bugger!
Looking at the page on e.foundation, there are only /e/OS versions for devices from 2013 and newer.
Maybe there are unofficial builds of /e/OS for older phones. And what the heck, I would also like to see other OS-es (yes, I know it’s the /e/ forum) which run on older phones.

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from 2013, my daily s4mini is running an outdated unofficial /e/OS-R (because 1.5GB /system partition size too small)
when, also from 2013, my other daily s4active, and my spare s4 are both running uptodate official /e/OS-R

from 2012 my Tab2 is limit in term of hardware capacity (1GB RAM) (2x1Ghz CPU), it can run an outdated /e/OS-N or an improvable /e/OS-O (i prefer Linux-PostmarketOS on it)


Okay, so you have Android 11 running on quite the same Samsung as Xxpsilon and Make-nz. Could a 2012 tablet run Android 11?


Released in April 2013 (I also have the S4 Active, running my own build from late Okt. 2023)




April 2014: Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo
Also with docking station, serving same purpose as the above S4 and doing it very well I’d say.

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My wife’s daily driver, from 2013 Sony Z3 compact running LineageOS 18 (Android 11 / R). Latest LOS ROM & security updates December 2023

My daily driver is a mere youngster from 2017, Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact, running IodéOS 4.9 (LOS 20, Android 13 / T) - and looking forward to Android 14 / U sometime soon :slight_smile:


Very nice, that one! Unfortunately, I have had too many broken screens, as in parts of the screen become unresponsive to the touch.
So, if one can find a good one, well worth – but R is end of the road at LOS.

At the moment yes. But someone is working on an unofficial LOS 20 ROM for Z3, which has the same kernel & chipset at the Z3 Compact. If they can get LOS 20 going on Z3, then Z3 Compact may not be far behind


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There’s an unofficial (and discontinued), but fully working LineageOS 20.0 (Android 13) for the Google LG Nexus 5 (2013):


Not bad for a 14 years old phone!


My Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet (released 2014 with Android 4.4, updated to 5 and 6 by Sony) runs /e/OS R (Android 11) by PeteFoth. Works perfectly!

Galaxy S III released in May 2012

Watch only, if you can handle that certain jealousy 🙈😭🤯


Samsung Galaxy SII - GT-i9100

Released 2011, April - CarbonROM-CR-7.0-OPAL-RELEASE-i9100

2G/GSM emergency smartphone - Mini-SIM

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