Oldest phone with newest Android version (just for fun)

build date: Mon, 30 Aug 2021 11:15:44

This is looking much more recent: CARBON-CR-9.0-R-WEEKLY-z3-20240110-1059
Maybe they go LOS-UL

According to the manifests at https://github.com/CarbonROM/android/tree/cr-9.0, there using the normal LineageOS repos

So, 10 years span width between production and Android version is possible. I haven´t checked Make Nz’s post yet (with the video).

Edit: Make NZ wins for now with his 11 years and 8 months old Galaxy S3 running Android 14. Am I correct?

What Android version is this ROM?

It exists!


ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
AOSP + MinMicroG

I’d like to think, we are all winners, being able to use great FOSS at the little cost of our time, helping others if, when and where we can.

On a side note, as the Galaxy S2 is still up and running for some…
And for those who may read this and feel like they wanna have a go at flashing with such old devices — HAVE A GO, it’s fun and rewarding. Personally I’d say anything starting with the Galaxy S3 neo, can be daily drivers, within the limits of calling in 4/5G mobile networks and camera limitations.

Also, a bit of encouragement if you have Samsung devices in a drawer somewhere – they are resilient and very hard to brick. This is the one and only out of ~240 I have flashed:

And please take not of the date on the battery – it still holds a good charge and can give other devices a good start! More to come…:blush:


yes, but not the cheapest Galaxy Tab 2, i think you need about 1,5GB RAM and 2x1,5Ghz CPU
and of course up to date sources…



clic to see other old Tablets

Thats an encouraging and fun thread, thanks for that!
Is there a webpage where one could look up the statistics how many devices of each kind are running with version of e OS? I guess at least internally there should be, would be interesting to see as well.
Or even in comparison with other custom ROMs, or at least a comparison which custom ROMs are used how often.
I didnt find any, but doesnt have to mean much…

You be the judge on this living legend

I meant more, maybe LOS-UL (ULTRA LEGACY) would be something they may look into, in the future. Seems both projects share similar goals.

The closest I could come up with:

It didn’t work out for /e but the LOS suits my needs

Thanks for this comment. I very much enjoy the users’ comments here. Didn´t expect it. About your question: I wouldn´t know of a source for that. What I know is that LineageOS is the most popular custom OS, and that Samsung devices are one of the most popular devices to use it on.