OnePlus - 6 - enchilada - Documentation Suggestions

Please add your suggestions to improve the documentation for the OnePlus - 6 - enchilada here …

Well, well.

I finally found the time to approach the upgrade of my OP6 from Android 9 to Android 10.

The positive new that I am glad to share is that it worked.
The negative side is that the procedure is not for the faint-hearted as I had to try it various times to make it work.

Furthermore, you WILL loose ALL your data (apps data, music, videos, photos, everything!) because a format of the data partition is requested during the procedure to disable encryption.

Since this topic is about suggestion to the documentation, here is my feedback:

  • I strongly recommend the reader to read the procedure in full at least once before trying it.
    • If things go (very) wrong, one should have the maker’s restore tool at disposal. For this device it’s the MSM Tool for Oneplus 6 that can be found on XDA.
  • If you are running /e/ OS in its Android 9 version (Pie), your device will be fully encrypted by default and there is no option to decrypt it prior of the upgrade to Android 10 (Q). Please note the documentation suggests the device may be or not be encrypted, but in this case there’s no doubt it is encrypted.
    • Consequently, when you will be requested to format the /data partition to prepare for the installation of Android 10, you will erase everything and return the phone to the factory defaults.
    • So, it is of utmost importance that you take a backup of everything that is stored on your phone, including but not limited to: photos, videos, music, apps data, contacts, messages etc. This is not stressed clearly enough in the existing documentation: YOU WILL LOOSE ALL YOUR DATA. Taking the backup is particularly important if you are not connected to the Google ecosystem that backs up the stuff for you in the cloud. I used Titanium Backup for the apps and did a manual copy of music, photos and videos etc. for the rest.
  • Another thing that is not stated in the documentation, that in one of the first steps requires TWRP as the recovery for performing the installation, is that the installation of the new version of /e/ OS will overwrite TWRP with its own (primitive) recovery.
    • So, I would add the optional step of restoring TWRP from the /e/ recovery after the installation of the operating system. The steps for doing so are the following:
      • [from phone]: /e/ recovery -> Apply Update -> Apply from ADB
      • [from PC]: adb sideload twrp-installer-*
  • Last but not least, after the phone is running Android 10, I would remind the user that not only has to restore the apps and own music, photos etc, but also review the Android settings (e.g. language, themes, DNS…) as the phone will be like after a factory reset.