OnePlus 6T - update to /e/os 1.19.1?


I have a oneplus 6T /e/oS . i made the last update /e/os 1.18 via OTA.
the /e/os 1.19.1 update has been released in early january.
To date, OTA does not offer this update.
is there a problem with this 1.19.1 update?


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Which are you running [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc.

Maybe you have this issue Issues with the Updater and a solution

here’s the precise update :
My Oneplus 6T run /e/os/1.18T (/e/OS 1.18-t-20231210360971-dev-fajita).
There was an update from /e/os/1.16T to /e/os 1.18T by OTA the week before Christmas 2023.

I have a French /e/os system.
Do you have the name of the ‘Updater’ program in French?

After Searching :
I find two programs : ‘Gestionnaire Mise a jour’ et ‘Dynamic System Updates’
I use ‘Clear Storage’ for this two programs. but nothing when press ‘refresh Arrow’


Gestionnaire Mise a jour is the one, org.lineageos.updater Maybe reboot the phone in addition (??) … and perhaps try refresh multiple times … or at a different time of day.

I found two process with org.lineageos.updater :

I use ‘clear Storage’ at this two prog.
reboot my phone and refresh update but nothing.

If I download the file '‘’, can I use it to update without losing my data?
how do I proceed?


Yes, you can do a manual update by adb sideload.

You can follow the procedure from the install page, starting from this point:

Install /e/OS

In /e/OS recovery main screen:

  1. Select Apply Update and in next screen Apply update from adb

Thank you very much.
I’ll follow the update procedure and keep you posted.

Thanks for your help.

Thanx guys! I made this update because my 6T refused to make any updates since 11.2023. The update via adb went smoothly and at first glance everything seems to be ok.

the update is a success.
everything is correct.

thank you all for your help

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