OTA OS Updates for Teracube 2e

Hi, I purchased a Murena Teracube 2e a while back and I assumed I would get regular OTA Murena OS updates. But I’ve noticed that I have not received any updates since May 26 v1.0. Does anyone have information about which versions of Murena OS are compatible with Teracube 2e and if a more recent version is compatible, why I don’t see the update when I go to System Update in Settings?

Thank you in advance!

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The phones purchased from the Murena site get stable builds. The 2e builds after 1.0 have an issue which is holding up the release. This issue is described over here.

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Hi, I see I have an OTA update for v1.5, but I am the original poster on this thread with the Teracube 2e. I’m confused if I should download and install v1.5 of the OS or if I need to wait because it seems there still might not be a fix for OTA updates for the Teracube 2e. Please advise and thank you in advance.

Your enquiry covers a lot of the same as this older thread, Attempting to upgrade Terracube 2e from version 1.0 to 1.1 (2020 model).

A solution is introduced by @alexis (/e/ support at leader level) at post #12:

@ecs observers at post #15 re the update offered to him

At post #16 are specific instructions. I think you already read the links provided by @Manoj – as you observe, the Gitlab issue seems still in hand: Update to 1.1 fails on Teracube 2e (2e) (#5766) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab. My reading of this is that applying your mentioned OTA update would not be a fix.

In other linked threads we read of a proposal sending an SD card to users who would prefer the fix provided in this way, but as far as I can read this is still “in progress”.

As yours is a purchased phone you can register for further help by email to helpdesk@e.email.

Hi, I successfully installed the instructions mentioned by @aibd that were posted by alexis. As I understand, the problem is with the updater in v1.0, and so that updater can’t be used to fix the problem, so trying to install v1.5 with the updater in v1.0 doesn’t work. However, if you install v1.5 with adb sideload, you circumvent the problem in the updater, and the updater included in v1.5 is fixed. So definitely do the adb sideload if you feel comfortable with it, otherwise, wait for the official fix. If you would like some help/pointers on adb sideload, I’ve don this a fair amount and am comfortable with it.

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