Photos quality - how does it work?

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Reading some phones tests on the internet, I thought "would the quality be the same on /e/OS "?
Like, is buying a Pixel 5 and installing /e/OS on it garantees same constrasts and sharpness ? OR are those depending on the app (i guess they are) ?

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Results will be different.

Installing /e/OS includes the /e/OS default Camera app (a fork of OpenCamera), not Google’s popular proprietary camera app. However, there’s this project which makes it somewhat easy for everyone to manually install Google’s camera app on every other Android:

Bear in mind this is neither FLOSS nor tested and curated by any app store, of course.


We had already some threads here, probably you could get many interesting informations in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

The link posted above by Mr.Lesse has GCam ports up to version 8.8 which run very well on my plussed FP3 and lead to really good pictures in most situations without any extraordinary configuration. But in many cases I just use FreeDCam from F-Droid.

Thanks! 8.7 works great on my FP3 with + cam.
I did not know it was that easy to install :slight_smile:
One thing: the 50Hz filter takes some seconds to kick in, then if i move or change focus it is lost until I hold it stable a while… Is it possible to lock it to 50Hz? I failed to find a setting.

Taking snapshots under artificial light (especially computer screens) is never easy. This is because the net frequency can change over the day between 47…53Hz (in Europe). Screens have in many cases not a frequency of 50Hz but something odd around 50, 60 or 100Hz but never exactly. The problem is that each screen is different.

What you generally can configure depends on the concrete GCam port you did install. They differ all a bit in the settings. Mine has also no option at first sight, perhaps in the developer settings, but search fails always …

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