Photos taking several days to sync

My photos are syncing to my ecloud but it normally takes several days.
This is on an S7. Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions on how to fix it?
On my phone in Accounts it will say it is up to date ‘last synced (current time)’, but it clearly has not synced.

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there are multiple issues in the forum and it’s in the gitlab issue tracker at 3-4 places ( backlog#1772, backlog#2660, backlog#2715 ). The Bug has better debug instrumentation last I looked (intent related), but there’s no final resolve.

As plugging the charging cable cascades another kind of intent through Android photos get synced. So this is a workaround - charge the phone above a certain degree and photos will land, a reboot will do the same.

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The other viable solution is to use the official Nextcloud app to synch your files to your eDrive: