Pixel 3a : photos' quality on e.os..?

I initially bought pixel 3a for its picture’s quality/speed but i wanted to give a try to e.os e-0.22-r-20220225165877-dev-sargo and installed it
I was wondering if anyone stated that there is a difference between stock rom and e.os…?
To my opinion stock camera app is simplier to use

If i want to roll back to stock rom how can i do by the way…?
Thanks in advance

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There is a difference, but there’s a gcam build you can get that will give you the stock camera app.

That site should bring you right to the Pixel builds

And that one is the “How-To” section.

I’ll confess that I’ve never used it on /e/ but I have on LineageOS, and it works really well.

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Hello, wonderful thanks for the information because i was thinking reinstalling stock rom, i bought pixel 3a for this reason so it was a shame to do not benefit of it fully.
I give a try to this before.
Thanks again

Really fantastic thanks a lot : i keep e.os AND wonderful abilities of the device THX