Raspberry pi with /e/

I’d love to install /e/ on raspberry pi 4.



Just out of curiosity, why?

Thank you

If you’re using your rasberry pi as an /e/ server, use nextcloud. If you want an /e/ desktop, you might wanna try Ubuntu Web Remix.

Because I like the idea of heaving the possibilities of /e/ an a pi.

Oh, that’s nice! I will try it! Thank you!

OK. Perhaps I have not grasped it … I am pretty a newbie on a lot of topics, and I thought that Linux / Pi were already more privacy conscious then others (typically Win), therefore there was no need of /e/OS there … but perhaps there would be some synergies if you have /e/OS on both a smartphone and a Pi … I would need to dig into it, to understand if it could be useful for me as well … could it be used to cast your phone to your TV? Or to use some streaming apps on TV? Which means ditching other devices that are less privacy friendly …

Thank you

The idea of Raspberry Pi is to try things out. So I use /e/ on my phone and am pretty happy with it. I tinker with Raspberry Pi so I had the idea of using /e/ on the desktop with my pi. There is a distribution also on the basis of lineageOS but does not use microG (KonstaKANG) and one using microG (Omni ROM - however not working on my pi, but thats another story), but none with the abilities of /e/. Android on Raspberry Pi feels like a tablet version. Ubuntu web remix does not work on (my?) pi, however.

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Thank you @FFP3 for your reply.
Could you please be so kind as to inform me when you are able to run /e/OS on the Raspberry Pi? As I said earlier, I might adopt it, if I found out that it is a better alternative to other devices …

Thank you

I would prefer it on privacy-risky chinese Android TV Boxes (and, why not, Android TVs) first…

Why rasperry pi, why not straight eos for android tv?

Interesting … I agree with @forart.it that it would be better to have a privacy conscious device …
Thinking about it, perhaps it would be good to convert some devices like Amazon Fire TV sticks / cubes … I need to check if anybody proposed suggested that, or require those devices …

Adding more irons in the fire (note that is a russian-based project):

I too am after a build for the Raspberry Pi so I can try it out without the risk of bricking anything. I installed an unofficial LineageOS build on my Pi 400 already, but decided /e/ may be a better direction for my longer-term project (Stylo 5, another unsupported machine).

I am investigating my willingness to modify the image I’m working with, but don’t have the perseverance to be a long-term image maintainer.