Raspberry pi with /e/

I’d love to install /e/ on raspberry pi 4.



Just out of curiosity, why?

Thank you

If you’re using your rasberry pi as an /e/ server, use nextcloud. If you want an /e/ desktop, you might wanna try Ubuntu Web Remix.

Because I like the idea of heaving the possibilities of /e/ an a pi.

Oh, that’s nice! I will try it! Thank you!

OK. Perhaps I have not grasped it … I am pretty a newbie on a lot of topics, and I thought that Linux / Pi were already more privacy conscious then others (typically Win), therefore there was no need of /e/OS there … but perhaps there would be some synergies if you have /e/OS on both a smartphone and a Pi … I would need to dig into it, to understand if it could be useful for me as well … could it be used to cast your phone to your TV? Or to use some streaming apps on TV? Which means ditching other devices that are less privacy friendly …

Thank you

The idea of Raspberry Pi is to try things out. So I use /e/ on my phone and am pretty happy with it. I tinker with Raspberry Pi so I had the idea of using /e/ on the desktop with my pi. There is a distribution also on the basis of lineageOS but does not use microG (KonstaKANG) and one using microG (Omni ROM - however not working on my pi, but thats another story), but none with the abilities of /e/. Android on Raspberry Pi feels like a tablet version. Ubuntu web remix does not work on (my?) pi, however.

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Thank you @FFP3 for your reply.
Could you please be so kind as to inform me when you are able to run /e/OS on the Raspberry Pi? As I said earlier, I might adopt it, if I found out that it is a better alternative to other devices …

Thank you

I would prefer it on privacy-risky chinese Android TV Boxes (and, why not, Android TVs) first…

Why rasperry pi, why not straight eos for android tv?

Interesting … I agree with @forart.it that it would be better to have a privacy conscious device …
Thinking about it, perhaps it would be good to convert some devices like Amazon Fire TV sticks / cubes … I need to check if anybody proposed suggested that, or require those devices …

Adding more irons in the fire (note that is a russian-based project):

I too am after a build for the Raspberry Pi so I can try it out without the risk of bricking anything. I installed an unofficial LineageOS build on my Pi 400 already, but decided /e/ may be a better direction for my longer-term project (Stylo 5, another unsupported machine).

I am investigating my willingness to modify the image I’m working with, but don’t have the perseverance to be a long-term image maintainer.

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why not with rpi and banapi when a basis work is already done by konstakang for rpi and lineage OS for bpi.
then as rest should be the integration of the /e/cloud, the integration of an adequate launcher, the /e/privacy parts and the app lounge.

I find tinker on fire tv, would be a kind of hardware hack to do first.
Rpi & bpi comes blank then, no matter with garantie.

Slimbox? how it is simple to get it ? is it trustful by this time now?

I find rpi & bpi not that cheapest, but cheaper than all tv-box of their class.
Quite easy to get, good quality & easy to flash…

I’d like to have /e/ on the Raspberry Pi 5 to use it as an Android TV. The device seems fit for such a use and providing good performance for IP tv. Combined with /e/'s privacy settings it would be great. I just looked into Roku soundbar and Amazon’s Fire cube but find Raspberry Pi to be the best custom option able to support Android apps. Another upside of having /e/ on it is the OS version upgrades.

Turn things around and you are up and running in minutes…


Find a phone which has HDMI out, install KODI app and other apps like newpipe, which you will then find in KODI, too. And thanks to CEC you can use your TV’s remote. My need the right components, but worth a try.

There is no known build for Raspberry PI :frowning:
I attempted a build for Banana PI, but it’s been put on pause due to lack of free time: [ALIEN BUILD] /e/OS for Banana Pi M5.
You can find some interesting LineageOS devices here: https://wiki.oddsolutions.us/devices/.
XDA relative thread: https://xdaforums.com/t/official-unofficial-lineageos-20-for-amlogic-gxl-gxm-g12-sm1-ne-family-devices.4534935/.