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I currently use a Nokia 6300. The features I use are calls, texts, calendar and notes. I’m fine with this the only things that make me want to upgrade are:

  • Having a better camera
  • I’d quite like a new phone with better call quality
  • Using Telegram/Signal would be useful

I’ve found this old thread BoringPhone and Boring Phone OS and basically I’m repeating the question there. Has anything changed in the 4 years since this question was asked?

How easy would it be to adapt /e/ to be more minimal?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

GitHub is your friend:

The device’s codename is “leo”, so this is a good starting-point repo:
Archive of files and guides for the Nokia 8000 4G and 6300 4G (2020)

Even if it’s MSM8909/Snapdragon 210-based I doubt that \e\ can be builded for it (no vendor files), anyway:
Documenting attempts to increase KaiOS privacy on a Nokia 6300 4G

Hope that helps.

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Oh wow thanks. Interesting.

But tbh I wasn’t thinking about running anything on a Nokia… The Nokia I have is an old 2G one from 2007. I was thinking about having a minimal /e/ build on a smart phone.

Actually I’ve just noticed that due to the misunderstanding this has been moved to the wrong section. Can it be moved back please ? Thanks

(edit: I’ve moved it myself)

Imho /e/OS is quite sophisticated, so maybe not the best candidate for a minimalist environment. I guess it was in order to learn about Android that I wrote this My wish list for /e/ - #90 by aibd, you should be able to follow contemporary links from there (for instance

From your OP you might follow through the work referenced here BoringPhone and Boring Phone OS - #7 by andrelam

For my own part I tried Experimental Custom build 'extra_minimal_apps' for Oneplus One - bacon which is still seen here [CUSTOM BUILD] Oneplus One - bacon Android 11 v1.13-r CUSTOM_SLIM with No Advanced Privacy. These posts try to provide links to indicate the method used.

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