Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 SM-A320FL/F/Y a3y17lte

It would be cool to see /e/ on the A3 2017. It is the only new android phone that isn’t huge, and therefore would make a great addition to the lineup.

hello SuzieQ. It’s my first post on the community, please be kind.
I’ve got a a3y17lte and have troubles with custom ROM since i’ve installed a treble ROM on XDA (no more SIM card detected).
I understand that you have found a version here (eOS-Q-20201225-UNOFFICIAL-treble_arm64_bvS) which works fine (sim car detected). I would be happy to install it but i don’t understand .xz extension. Must I extract the img file and rezip to *.zip ? Not clear for me, i expected to have a zip file for adb sideload.
SO, could you tell me which file to get and how to install it?
I could have my favorite phone back.

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found solution (flash img in TWRP), I forgot this possibility.
Nevertheless, my SIM card is not recognized with
Did you find a img that works ?

Hello @isaac, why are you afraid that I might be unfriendly? Treating each other with respect is very important to me. I only become unfriendly if someone has done that before me.

GSI ROM are ingenious on the one hand, but very error-prone on the other. Especially when the source firmware (stock Android 8-Oreo) and the GSI are Android 10 ‘Q’.

On top of that, the A3 2017 ‘a3y17lte’ does not come with Treble Project compatibility from the factory and the device has to be treblezied afterwards with know-how & tricks. This brings some additional error sources into play.

Customized customROMS aren’t only easier to install, but usually also more stable in use. It would be nice if there was a consistently working /e/ OS ‘Pie’ or ‘Q’.

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Thks for these answers.
I’ve reached to treblezied my a3 pretty easily. Seems to be A. Since then none of Roms I’ve flashed recognized Sim card and it is the only problem encountered. Maybe it’s a APN config XML file missing. Going to dig this idea.
Is it possible to de-treblezied the phone to check if it’s a hardware bug ?

@isaac , why don’t you answer my question? You also want me to answer your questions, don’t you?

You guess it »Seems to be A.« ‘a-only’ ROMs cause my ‘a3y17lte’ to bootloop. Well, I know defeinitively that my A3 2017 SM-A320FL a3y17lte status is ‘a/b’ because whether I use version eOS-Q-20210225-UNOFFICIAL-treble* or the current version eOS-Q-20210214-UNOFFICIAL-treble_arm64_bvS - it works.

That twoTrebleCheckApps show mixed results is well known. Through trial and error I got to the goal:

I just inserted a SIM card into the ‘a3y17lte’ that is turned on.Immediately the system reacts and asks to enter the PIN. No sooner said than done. Now the ‘a3y17lte’ asks me to reboot. Okay, done. Now my provider is displayed, the LTE is ready for use. A control call confirms that it is ready to receive. Calling another phone number is also possible.

Résumé: The most important function of my cell phone Galaxy A3 2017 works as it should: I can make calls via LTE and GSM. Calling via SIM data-package and WLAN also works.

Thks a lot, that’s it : A-only, I’ll try to flash both to check that point.
I’ve read several threads with similar problem (no sim card detected whatever you flash). Not easy to resolve, several possibilities.
For the answer to the question, I’ll guess that I was inviting you to be patient if my noob questions were irrelevant :smile:


I had first to install LOS-Q on my a3y17lte and then could install /e/-gsi in a/b flavor…

Will try again soon with the last version (2021 February).

Bought A3 2017 as it is one of the smallest phones in the list, hoping to flash /e/, discovered that it is SM-320FL so no build available :frowning:

Here are some threads that i found Galaxy A3 2017 (Treble) SM-A320FL any hope that it will get to the working condition?


Hello and welcome.

Mine runs smoothly eOS-q-GSI as daily…

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Hello, could you please explain briefly what process you have followed?

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Well… I don’t remember exactly: I had problems and used Astrako’s resources to install LOS first, with Odin from a W$ P.C.

Hi, I also concur to have SM-A320FL officially supported.

If someone is still interested in having eOS on the SM-A320FL below a link with the procedure I followed:

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I own the A3 2017 as well. I would appreciate it if it was on the support list. Thanks


Exynos SoC won’t be supported by LOS, witch is e-OS base, so we can’t expect an official build.

e-OS GSI works fine.

I agree with you.
This is the only modern Samsung, which fits in small pockets.

I too have a A3 2017 SM-A320FL and searching for a /e/OS for it.
But I can’t find “a3y17lte” in my Phone.
What does that mean?

This is the devicecode. We expect to see it given on the Odin mode, Download screen and also it is found in Recovery mode.

Not just small pockets.
It’s the only modern Samsung where your thumb can reach the upper end of the screen.