Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 SM-A320FL/F/Y a3y17lte


I had first to install LOS-Q on my a3y17lte and then could install /e/-gsi in a/b flavor…

Will try again soon with the last version (2021 February).

Bought A3 2017 as it is one of the smallest phones in the list, hoping to flash /e/, discovered that it is SM-320FL so no build available :frowning:

Here are some threads that i found Galaxy A3 2017 (Treble) SM-A320FL any hope that it will get to the working condition?


Hello and welcome.

Mine runs smoothly eOS-q-GSI as daily…

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Hello, could you please explain briefly what process you have followed?

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Well… I don’t remember exactly: I had problems and used Astrako’s resources to install LOS first, with Odin from a W$ P.C.

Hi, I also concur to have SM-A320FL officially supported.

If someone is still interested in having eOS on the SM-A320FL below a link with the procedure I followed:

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I own the A3 2017 as well. I would appreciate it if it was on the support list. Thanks


Exynos SoC won’t be supported by LOS, witch is e-OS base, so we can’t expect an official build.

e-OS GSI works fine.

I agree with you.
This is the only modern Samsung, which fits in small pockets.

I too have a A3 2017 SM-A320FL and searching for a /e/OS for it.
But I can’t find “a3y17lte” in my Phone.
What does that mean?

This is the devicecode. We expect to see it given on the Odin mode, Download screen and also it is found in Recovery mode.

Not just small pockets.
It’s the only modern Samsung where your thumb can reach the upper end of the screen.