Samsung galaxy j500h splash image and telegram x

first i would say thank for every one help in this project, my phone back to life again and it work good and love it. so thanks from my heart.

*** after install \e\ os using “TWRP” and “HEIMDALL” still the “Samsung splash image” (Samsung logo) appears at startup then \e\ animation appears and the device open.
1- why this happen, i wipe the cach and system as mention in instillation commands?
2- how can i remove or replace “Samsung splash image”?

*** in app repository when i try install “telegram x” the process stop (did not complete for this specific app). also there’s another similar app called telegram foss but in developer cell write unknown, how safe use it?

thanks in advance

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Hi @qaz, welcome to this forum.

There are about 20-30 /partitions in your phone.
Search XDA forum, for vendor splash-screen location.
Use TWRP to mount the partition and replace the file.

You can install “F-Droid” for the open source apps, and “Aurora Store” (with its anonymous account) for apps from gogol-play-store

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many thanks

please note i now use \e\ os but it not effect on splash image and still see samsung splash image at startup.

1- when go to XDA find a lot article with different methods. but learned there’s two thing (my j500h phone is use snapdragon 410 and to change the splash image i should root the phone).

2- the article some time use rom term and other use kernel some time say it on file called palm other say i shoud recompile the kernel.

*** i think, what if i unzip the stock rom file (stock or recovery Samsung file for my j500h/ds). then find the splsh image, change it, zip the file, flashing it. if that succed to change the splash pmage then i can back and reflashing the \e\ OS. is this look normal or can work in android? or i will destroy the phone?

thanks in advance

OR install TWRP and use its file manager
But magisk is useful for banking apps

I am interested by replacing the poor LOS/e/ charging animation, as I prefer the Nougat 's one (with %) or even better the Lolypoop 's one
No matter for me with the vendor splash-screen
I am smilling thinking about Pixel owners using /e/.

i am also notice the charging animation (i mean that appears when charring during phone shutdown), but as i just know there’s something called custom rom from 6 or 7 days when my phone crashed so did not imagine or think there’s chance to also change the charring animation, but i will wait fr this.

i already install twrp to flash \e\ os as instruction page say. also i rooted the device after extract the contact of stock rom but no matter how match i search can not away or software to edit or even open any file of them (.img). and same about param file. there’s any chance you know how open and edit the .img files that inside the rom.

what really make me Laughs :smile: when find by chance the \e\ os logo animation (startup animation) and extract it and how match it easy to change where what i really want can not do.

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Does this give clues which you can use?

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many thanks for, it’s different phone but still continue good information.

current status i finally reach the file that response on splash screen( block name) and take copy. also know it’s “KOI8-R with confidence 0.32”, or by other language it’s an 8-bit character encoding. but untill know i can not find any way to unpack it (decode it). it’s binary file that can read’s in numbers forms using “octet-stream”.

there’s any chance you know how unpack 8-bit character encoding, KOI8-R, binary or cue file. or know source help me to learn.

thanks in advance

No, I’m sorry @qaz I never did try this! :slight_smile:
Is the Samsung format a big difference from GitHub - eriktim/moto-bootlogo: Modify the Motorola Moto Series' boot logo ?

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many thanks for your effort
to be honest i do not know (i just enter android world from 14 days approx.), by other word noob. but from i read it’s depend on the processor(in my case it’s Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410, 1.2 GHz Quad-core). even when read some article about Samsung device that also use Snapdragon but other version find them follow different structure. i believe it will end by accept the current logo.


i did not if i should ask this in new question or her is OK (if there’s need to reallocate it just tell me).

as i can not find solution for splash screen i say why not leave it now and see how i can change the charging animation. in my case the stock charging animation is appear for one or two seconds then the /e/ os charging animation take control and dominate. did you find way to remove /e/ os charging animation. when search i can not find any resource speak on this area (only speak about software that can do that nothing about manual way)

moto-bootlogo is only for motorolas partitioning scheme.

(some?) Samsungs have a param.bin partition image that includes most of the splash/warning screens, it’s a tarball (.tar) exported by heimdall. xda forum should have you covered.

$ file param.bin 
param.bin: POSIX tar archive (GNU)
$ tar tvf param.bin
-rwxrwxrwx 0/0           36654 2019-08-04 20:28 booting_warning.jpg
-r--r--r-- dpi/dpi      249312 2019-07-02 22:34 device_lock.jpg
-r--r--r-- dpi/dpi      195112 2019-07-02 22:34 device_unlock.jpg
-r--r--r-- dpi/dpi       99413 2019-07-02 22:34 logo.jpg
-r--r--r-- dpi/dpi       57075 2019-07-02 22:34 lpm.jpg
-rwxrwxrwx 0/0           71619 2019-08-04 22:39 svb_orange.jpg
-r--r--r-- dpi/dpi       31911 2019-07-02 22:34 unlock_L.jpg
-r--r--r-- dpi/dpi      317014 2019-07-02 22:34 warning_L.jpg
-r--r--r-- dpi/dpi      355198 2019-07-02 22:34 warning_SVB.jpg


yah my phone continue param file but it did not tar archive, can not extracted. SubwayChamp from xda help me a lot but we reach closed end. now i believe destiny refuse the idea :grin:
again thanks for your support.

Looks like you need an oldschool PC @qaz !

@tcecyk, I want to test a GNU/Linux on my slotted ( broken but fonctionnal screen ) galaxy s4,
As you know, which method could be recommended or not recommended please ?

Édit :
First I was thinking about a s4 jflte i9505 not s4mini serannolte i9195 but following the link I sea s4 is not supported, so have a go with a s4mini ( spare i9195X demo device without gsm support )

Édit 2 :
Mine is not s4mini Value Edition i9195i serranovelte

OT: @piero you want flash “normal” linux to a S4? if it’s the s4 mini (serranovelte) you can use this pmOS link. Mind the lk2nd instruction. The s4mini has prebuilt images so it will be as easy as flashing Android. But I didn’t understand “slotted”… you want to move this to another thread or pm?

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