Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite gta4xl recovery image missing?

Trying to install e/OS to my gta4xl SM-P615 device but I do not see any recovery image to download. Am I missing something? See screenshot. I used latest lineage one but then I am getting errors when I try to adb sideload the image itself. What can I do to get e/OS on this device installed?

It was acknowledged here Week 39, 2023: Development and Testing Updates - #25 by Manoj and Week 39, 2023: Development and Testing Updates - #28 by Manoj

This post might help you:

I used the 1.14 recovery with the 1.15 zip sort of accidentally on purpose. But I’m looking at e/os on my S6 Lite and no problems so far.

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but here because it is a samsung device, replace fastboot commands by Heimdall commands

Cool, let me try that then :slight_smile:

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So using 1.14 does not work anymore as my son flashed lineage-20 + microG on it in the meantime and now using the Android S version seem to be not working as it gets into a reboot cycle where only way out is the triple move Power + Volume Up + Volume Down and get into download mode again. Putting back the lineage20+microG for now until we get T build of /e/OS I guess.

you can restore back to latest Samsung android 12 based P615XXS4EVL2
and then reinstall the recovery-e and /e/ “s”

If I knew how to flash the stock version back using heimdall I would but struggling to find a good and recent enough guide how to do it. I’ve downloaded the zip file and see a bunch of tar.md5 files which I have no idea what to do and where and how they are supposed to be flashed.

can you use Windows Odin ? it is easier…


to use Heimdall, you need to extract files included in the .TAR files :

Thanks for the links for heimdall, I haven’t used Windows in 10 years and I guess setting up a VM will take more time.

i only start windows for that task…

I see, given I have plenty of Samsung devices to play with it might be worth it to setup windows VM for this task.

WAIT, there is an unofficial T build of /e/ from @ronnz98

impressive list of his recent builds :

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Flashed the unoffical build and it seems to be working well.

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