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I followed the instrucitons with little problems, in fact really only the physical challenge of booting the tablet into download mode. My only suggestion is to explain how to power off from download mode (press and hold power + volume down).
Thanks for a well working process.

I just realized that this place is only meant to be for documentation suggestions - sorry. I would like to suggest that a couple of photos would help, e.g. one showing the upload bar (as I said, on my device it is at the bottom of the screen) and what it means that “When the status message in the top left of the device’s display reports that the process is complete”. I didn’t get such a message, it is just that the upload bar is full. However, maybe that is the problem?

After flashing Android 12 on the device, the installation went smoothly. Now I think I understand what is meant by “It is important that you know that downgrading Smartphones on OS versions greater than the /e/OS OS version you plan to install, can cause instability or at worst brick some devices. We recommend that you check your current OS version, before attempting the installation.” However, I didn’t understand it at the beginning.
My suggestion (if I got it right): “If the OS version on your device is greater than the one specified for the /e/OS version you plan to install on the Download site, the installation of /e/OS can cause instability or at worst brick some devices. We recommend checking your current OS version and considering a downgrade before proceeding with the installation of /e/OS.”
Moreover, on the Download site, the versions of Android are given with capital letters “R” and “S”. I had to search the internet for what that stands for (and since I didn’t do that on my first try, that was part of why I didn’t understand the paragraph above), since nowhere on the device the OS version is so specified. It would have helped me a lot if the number was also given on the Download site: Android 12 (S), or something like this.