Samsung s7 edge no updates available

Hi guys,

I bought refurbished Samsung S7 Edge from efoundation; version of system is 0.11-2020083170819, android version is 7.1.2, security patches from 2020-08-05. The last update I got was from 2020-08-31.

My system has not received any new updates since. I have read in this forum that my phone should be supported. Are there any steps necessary to receive updates? Can you help me?

Have a look at Pre-installed S7: Nougat or Oreo?
My understanding is that

  • nougat will stay at 0.11-n-2020083170819 (no more updates)
  • it is not possible to upgrade from Nougat to Oreo through OTA (Parameters - System Updates), it must be done manually.
    I went trough the process described there: (“Update must be done manually” section) [HOWTO] Update /e/

My phone is a refurbished S7 from eShop and everything is fine so far.
I downloaded the build at straight on the phone.

Since then, I have had to make subsequent update manually …
For the time being, OTA update is broken.
Good luck!

This doc can help as well:
Since you have TWRP already installed, you can upgrade without PC.

Are you sure about the content of this documentation,
i through fastboot command don’t works with Samsung device, we have to use heimdall-flash command instead…

Better use this how to
/[HOWTO] Upgrade manually from e-Nougat | e-Oero to official e-Pie builds without data loss

But since a few months /e/pie is already available for the s7edge

To recommend a user with official /e/OS stabl/e/ and security patch August 5th, 2020 to switch to a UNOFFICAL /e/OS with security patch June 5th, 2020, which is no longer maintained, is not a reasonable solution to the /e/ update problem.

The migration to /e/ OS 8-Oreo 'dev’ has been done long ago, but the e.Team is not able to do this for a stable version yet. For the S9/S9+ a migration to e-0.13 ‘Q’ seems to have succeeded on 29.11.2020 - thanks to preliminary work by the Lineage-Team.


Thanks for help! Manual installation through TWRP works. To be sure I erased the data before, but not sure if it was necessary. Hope this want be ever needed again…