Samsung S8 no automatic updates

Hi, I’ve been running e/os for over a year. It had a few OTA updates but now there has been no update since April and my android security patch is Feb 2022. I am on version /e/OS/ 0.23-20220406176461
I moved to e/os for more regular security patches than this.
Can anyone help or direct me to a post that can?

Thanks in advance

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The software for your device will be upgraded soon
The first to be Android “Snow cone” based


Thanks piero for info and quick reply

Hi, i have read meanwhile a few times, that an update to 1.* for the S8 should come soon.
My S8 is still on April 22 version 0.23*. Is there any chance to install a more recent version manually via adb e.g.?
It could be some 1.2 or 1.3, it should be just more up2date than 0.23-20220406… which is the last release that came via OTA.

Beta is not yet released (only Release-Candidate for testers)
stable /e/ image ROM download
dev /e/ image ROM download

Any word on how far we are away from an OTA update?

No, it was announced for september, then for october…

First of all: Many Thanks for the supporters, working during their free time to provide /e/OS builds! :pray:

When i read this, i am wondering:

For now the team is working on resolving these issues in the upgrade build

Actually i do NOT need an UPGRADE build ! I would be even glad to also start from zero and wipe my S8 but have a fresh build! Having this very outdated version of security patches is giving me a headache. So wouldn’t it be an option to make at least the users happy that start from scratch now?

I compiled LineageOS builds by myself in history and in my opinion it is 2 steps:

  1. Having a build that works from scratch and
  2. having an upgrade path.

So when i read there is severe bug with the upgrade build, i do assume the package as such is already done. It would be also very natural that an upgrade from P to S, so jumping over Q / R will cause some headaches. So why not giving users an option: Wait for the OTA or take what we have so far?

To get this right: I have also given money to (means to me, i am also willing to support). And I would not expect much, but it seems i have taken the wrong decision.

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I also second the request for security updates. In devices list the galaxy s8 is now listed as legacy. it’s totally fine for me to stay on pie but i’d like to recieve the security patches. afaik it’s no big deal to patch in security updates (if nothing has changed over the past 2-3 years)

i bought a used s8 because i think it’s a wide spread, and totally enough powerful phone. in my opinion murena should have always an eye on old-but good devices rather than brand new ones. i totally understand it’s also up to the community to do what they like to do most.

Help would be appreciated. thanks a lot!

Yes, all I want is security patches. Not had one since last Feb 22

I’m sure I remember e we’re still selling the S8 this time last year, I would be mightily annoyed if I’d bought one just for it to be made legacy.

I thought this project was supposedly all about is all about degooling and make perfectly good phones last longer for the environment……but here I am contemplating buying a pixel for no other reason than monthly security updates till 2027

Privacy is a must, but device security is even more important and this is where e/os has ultimately failed as a project

The team have been working on this for some time (one difficulty is that LineageOS dropped support for the device). An /e/OS version has been in testing since autumn 2022. One could join the testing team by reading carefully and following this link Testing @Murena but testing is not suitable a device on which you rely in daily use. In this closed post a user talks about his journey on this path. V1.5 for samsung S8 dreamlte arrived?!

I understand that once an updated /e/OS is published the Legacy status will be dropped.

The update should arrive soon now. I’m running the 1.7-rc2 on my s8 that i have for daily use. Works everything smooth


My S8 (SM-G950F) runs /e/OS/0.23-20220406176461 (e_dreamlte-underdebug 9 PQ3A.190801.002 eng.root.20220406.154003 dev-keys,stable-release).
It proposes me an upgrade OTA to 1.7.
This upgrade is it safe (I use my S8 daily for production !) ?
Many thanks !

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I installed 1.7 and IT working out of the Box.



It’s all good for me :sunglasses::+1:

Nach dem Update des OS auf Version 1.81 hing das Gerät im Beenden des Updateprozesses fest.
Dann war der (neue) Akku schlagartig entladen.
Eine Neuinstallation sowohl von 1.81 als auch 1.7 führte zu einem dysfunktionalen Gerät, bei welchem die Verschlüsselung nicht aktiviert werden konnte und auch keine Fingerabdrücke eingerichtet werden konnten.
Bin wieder zurück auf Version 0.22.
P.S. der Easy-Installer funktioniert ebenfalls nicht.
Nicht unter Win 10, nicht unter Ubuntu.
Unter Win10 startet er gar nicht erst, unter Ubuntu passiert nach dem TWRP -Aufruf nichts mehr.

Did upgrade to 1.8.1 work fine for some on ?
Have a nice day !

@eric : sur mon S8 j’avais la version : e/OS 0.23-p. jusqu’en janvier j’ai mis à jour vers la version 1.7-r, puis vers la 1.8.1-r stable. Je n’ai n’ai rencontré aucun problème de fonctionnement, toutes mes applications fonctionne ainsi que celui de la banque ; je suis super satisfait de /e/OS pour mon utilisation que j’utilise au quotidien depuis pas mal de temps sur un A3, puis sur un S7, et maintenant sur le S8.
Et je remercie la Foundation /e/OS Murena ainsi que toute l’équipe et le forum pour toute l’entraide.