Samsung S9 upgrade path

Dear community,

my device (SM-G960F) is currently running version 0.22 of /e/OS. Should I take any precautionary measures before upgrading to version 1.7, i.e., should I upgrade to another earlier version first? Is it recommended to install from scratch?


Android version 10

Samsung Galaxy S9 Firmware Download SM-G960F Free Download
If your device already have latest Samsung Software available (android 10) installed as a base, and a custom-recovery installed, you can boot to recovery mode, and freely install :

e-1.7-q-stable /e/ image ROM download,
e-1.7-q-dev /e/ image ROM download.

simply accept the e-1.7-q-dev update proposed by the system updater

There is no upgrade yet,

I will try this approach this weekend. Thank you.