Samsung's A8 (2018)?

Hey guys,
I am sick knowing Google on my phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018), Adroid Version 7.1.1, model number SM-A530F. Unfortunately, I really do not have an idea about this kind of software stuff. Am I able to install /e/OS on my current phone?
Can you help me?

If the device is not in this list of supported devices or in this unofficial build list. then it is not supported. You will have to add a request for a device…since you have posted the same content in another post I have moved it under the request category.

Hi @User1226,
since there is no device-specific /e/ OS for the SM-A530F, the only option is to install a /e/OS GSI ROM. The Galaxy A8 (2018) can first be upgraded to Stock Android 9.0 (Pie), One UI and thus becomes fully Project Treble capable. Then /e/ OS ‘Q’-GSI (Android 10) could be installed.

But for that, by your own admission, you will need third-party help - preferably at your location. Online help would be extremely costly and exhausting.