[Selling] /e/ Motorola phones for sale in US (NH) : used G4 and NEW G7 Plus

I have 2 Motorola phones for sale both carrier unlocked (and now oem unlocked for /e/). Both have the latest current version of /e/ and will be factory wiped from my testing account. Both work fine on T Mobile and the G4 was originally on Sprint as well.

NEW out of box motorola G7 Plus, I broke the seal this weekend to install /e/. Comes with all original box and accessories. Carrier unlocked, works great on T Mobile, this is the same model as the one I degoggled for my wife and she is quite happy with it. $250 plus $10 shipping in US. Also accept crypto.

Used Motorola G4 would be in great condition but for a small hairline crack across the screen. This was my wife’s phone before I got her the new /e/ phone. $60 plus $10 shipping. Also accept crypto.

If you are local to Southern NH you can view first and avoid shipping. Sold AS IS.

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How trivial would you say it is to install /e/ on the G7+? Looks like it’s one of the few /e/ capable phones that is entirely compatible with T-Mobile and it’s MVNOs, but I’ve spent a lot on phones the past few months as a result of the failures of the S9s. Trying to decide if 250 is worth not having to do the work myself.

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It wasn’t trivial. The first one took several days with googling and help from this forum. The sticking point for me was sideloading the recovery app and then the partitions hack. I was probably doing it wrong but I never was able to install the /e/ recovery. People said use TWRP anyway as it has a lot more features. I also had a hardware problem that makes no sense where the built in USB ports were flakey but the USB port on the dock worked fine (Lenovo laptop with Ubuntu 21 ¯_(ツ)_/¯ )

The second one was an hour or two. A couple sticky points I got through myself.

To do Motorola you will need to register on their site to send them the unlock code and then they email the unlock code back to you. That’s in addition to the other steps

So yeh, it’s not trivial but I was a complete n00b and got through it. The people here are very helpful.

And the G7 is seems like a great phone with awesome battery life and a decent camera. Fingerprint works fine with /e/. My wife who is completely non technical uses the first /e/ G7. It’s also reasonably priced compared to a lot of them.

Have you booted recovery since the flash? I think you will be surprised :smiley:


I’m off topic…:man_facepalming: Just curious what you see @newts

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:laughing::rofl::joy: well played…! You got a laugh out of me.

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I didn’t check it yet, the phone is at home so that’s my future reaction. your link suggested the surprise.

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Curious if you have checked.

Ha yes! twrp is gone and /e/ recovery is in the second partition. thanks for the tip

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Glad I’m not crazy! I was wondering why I couldn’t get TWRP to stay.

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