Service Announcement : 29 Dec 2020: Web mail is down

Web mail application is down. The webmail UI in ecloud has been disabled as the team is working on it.
The webmai icon in the ecloud dashboard will not be visible while maintenance is in progress.

There is a new version on the service that is yet to be deployed, which should prevent this from happening. For the time being, the developer will add a cronjob to restart the service daily to prevent this from recurring

Pl note : Normal send / receive of emails using mail clients like Evolution or Thunderbird should be possible.
You can check the current status of the maintenance here.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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Two days later it looks like your teams are still working on it.

The issue is showing up intermittently .Will get an update later in the day and share.

Today it’s working for me

The Rainloop plugin (Email) is disabled at peak hours in order to keep usable. That’s why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Now Rainloop is so slow that it’s basically unusable.

Same here. A email which isn’t usable for mire than 4 days is a no go.

Indeed, can’t be used as a daily driver, we know that now

Hopefully the /e/ team gets it figured out. To be honest, I would like them to use the Mail client in Nextcloud, or at least try to develop their own using that framework.

@Manoj is there any update to when email will be restored?

@Manoj is there an update yet?

The WebMail UI is not being disabled during peak hours now. We have made some updates and monitoring the fix.

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