Signal does not update automatically?

I have installed /e/ 1.11 and Signal on S9 for elderly relatives. However, unlike all other apps, Signal requires manual updates (e.g. by running ‘Update apps’ in the App Lounge), which is difficult for my relatives. Why does it not do it automatically in the background?

Can you first try updating to the latest version of /e/OS and then see if the problem still occurs?

I can’t unfortunately (don’t have phones here). It has been like that for previous versions, too.

It would be good to know if Signal is supposed to update itself like other apps? If so, it is more likely to be solved by going to the newer version of /e/.

All the years I’d been using Signal on LineageOS and now on /e/OS I always had to manually update Signal via e.g. Aurora.
As far as I know Signal has no built-in update.

Only App Lounge can update app’s automatically in the background. If you download Signal directly from the website, then it has a built update but not automatically, you get a notification and make the update manually. Good thing is, as soon as a newer version is provided you get it from then directly without any store necessity.

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seen this behaviour on my own Android 10 devices (up to v1.15) with Signal installed through AppLounge and didn’t investigate yet - it’s not specific to Signal. Only Signal complains in-App to need an update “or else”.

I need to invoke AppLounge → Update Apps manually let AppLounge check for updates and download & apply. There seems to be no open bug on this in the backlog, all checkmarks on in settings to always update/install. I ran into a similar issue at AppLounge Updates stuck? - #9 by tcecyk - but that got solved. Is there a more current thread on this behaviour?

is it similar to Signal requires actualization ?

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