[SOLVED] Can't connect to my /e/ account on my new phone


I’m a /e/ user since many month and installed it on my phone Nexus 5 using an /e/ account : it worked fine !

I received my brand new S7 Edge last week and tried to add my /e/ account to synchronize all my datas.
Unfortunatly, I don’t manage to do that, I have a message “Aucun accès possible au service CalDAV ou CardDAV” (maybe something like “No CalDAV or CardDAV service access” in english).
Is there anyone who had the same issue ?


Need more info about the S7 like what ROM and how are you trying to sync. If you’re on the stock ROM with Google sync adapters then that won’t work. If you’re using DAVx5 then it should work. I have several ROMs syncing with my /e/ data.
Oddly, I did have an issue on one device where syncing wouldn’t work until I changed my APNs to use IPv4 instead of IPv6 or IPv4/IPv6. Not sure what the deal was with that.


So… I am back.

First of all, thank you to help me to resolve my problem.

Please, note that the phone I use is provided by e.foundation (Galaxy S7 Edge) and that I did not other installations. And I use only /e/ account. No trace of Google services on my phones !

My account works well on my old phone (Nexus 5) and I have no problem to access to my datas in a web browser (https://ecloud.global)

Here are screenshots to describe the way I use to add my /e/ account. There are screenshots of my configuration too.

I hope this is what you expected.

If you need others informations, ask me.

(Sorry for my english)



6 août 2019 13:32 “Marc D. Williams via /e/ community” community@e.email a écrit:

12-08-2019 11-59-11.png


Is there anybody who can help me ?
Do you think the problem is specific to my phone ?


Hi @DansLeMarais please can you generate a log after you try to connect the /e/ account and post it on Gitlab.
There should be a stable build coming out for your phone by this weekend. You can try updating to it and recheck if the issue persists.
In case we still have problems and it is a device specific issue we will replace the same

Can you please confirm that:

  1. you have a working Internet access on this smartphone (Wifi or Cellular)
  2. you can browse successfully to https://ecloud.global using the web browser

At least one user has reported he cannot access https://ecloud.global through ISP with DSL.

Hi Gaël,

1 - I confirm that my internet access (in my case : Wifi but I tried with cellular access too) is OK (I can use my browser/K9Mail and download/install applications)

2 - I browse succesfully https://ecloud.global/apps


Have you tried to delete your /e/ account from this smartphone, and set it again?

Mail app works fine with correct e.email address?

I cannot delete my /e/ account on the smartphone because I don’t manage to add it at all (so it doesn’t appear in the list of existing accounts)

Yes, the mail app works fine with my e.email mail adress

Hi Manoj,

I posted the log error on https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/apps/AccountManager/issues/40
Hope it is ok


Hi @DansLeMarais please can you check if you have marked it as private I am getting an 404 on the issue.

Sorry, yes, I did it…
You can have a look on https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/apps/AccountManager/issues/41

Thanks it is accessible now. There should be an update for the device in the next couple of days. You could test this issue and let us know if the issue is still there.

OK, I will keep you informed

Got the update, no changes

Hi @rhunault any idea why this would be happening. @DansLeMarais is unable to add his /e/ account on a phone he purchased from us . He has the latest update as well. The same /e/ ID works well on another phone that he has.
@DansLeMarais are you able to add any other email accounts to the phone .


I created an other /e/ account to test it but it doesn’t work either.
I don’t have others accounts.


I add a comment on your issue. Kindly have a look @DansLeMarais.


I didn’t tap on “Login with an other account”.
If I tap on it, the URL is https://e.email.


Now when you type your complete /e/ email id for e.g.
in the text boxes you are not able to login to your phone. Is that the correct understanding of the issue?