[SOLVED] No sound in Xiaomi MI A1

I’m instaling my “new” xianomi MI A1 and it has no sound in calls. Any adeas?

Try a bluetooth headset?

Found the solution in XDA on this link

Thank you very much

Super, everything ok now?

Hi @Erekoze please can you share some more details to understand what you were trying to do when this issue happened. Was this the first time you flashed on top of the stock Oreo ROM or was it on the Stock Pie ROM. Also is the issue now resolved?

I Just get the device so… the first thing to do is flash /e/ on it. No special circunstances.

Which was the version of the operating system on the phone when you flashed /e/

I belive it was Android P. Didn’t see the need to check it.:no_mouth:

I guessed so. Pie once installed on the MiA1 makes the device misbehave when reinstalling Oreo or Nougat. Had this same issue when reverting from Pie . There is a test Pi/e/ build for MiA1 which I am using in case you want to try it out or In case your Oreo build is working perfectly you can stay on with that.

Ok I’m gonna try it.

I had the same problem and this solution worked for me to. But, after the last update i coudnt make calls again, i went to the build.prop and it is a blanck doc… Can anyone share the content?

Sorry, I have problems with my device. May @Manoj could help you with this.

I am on a test Pie version that will not work. You will have to check for the build.prop from an oreo device

A different solution was proposed by @Phie from the /e/ Dev team …check the thread here a different TWRP solved the issue for him.

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