[SOLVED] Problems with Samsung S7 from /e/ foundation

I just bought from /e/ a Samsumg Galaxy S7 (DM-G930F) and, overall, I’m very happy of it.

I did nothing special with it except installing a few common apps.
System version is 0.7-2019062814891

However, here are three problems I have noticed :

  1. Screen Auto Rotate doesn’t work. Fails in Bliss, the web browser, Message and Contacts apps, Simple Gallery (app I have installed)… Rotates correctly in Gallery, Camera and Maps default Apps.

  2. Bliss crashes when trying to resize custom widgets. Easy to reproduce : Add a custom resizable widget, long tap on it => Bliss crashes

  3. I have disabled touch vibration (Settings > Sounds > Other sounds). It works well with both Samsung S7 system keys but the Android keyboard continues to vibrate.

I don’t know how to report bugs (neither if I have to) but I wanted to share my experience.

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Hi @flopiflop you can report bugs here. Please add logs generated after you try these actions as that will help identify if this OS / build / device specific as I just tried these on another device and they were all working.


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Thank you ! Works perfectly !

  1. After enabling “developper options” and “ADB debugging”, Auto Rotate started working. Still working after disabling those options. Not sure what I did that got it resolved. Anyway, there seems to be an hidden and minor bug about it as I am not the only one experiencing it : Auto Rotate works ... eventually
    However, Bliss pages still don’t rotate : could you confirm that this is the expected behavior ?

  2. OK I’ll report the bug about the Bliss crash

  3. Solution given by “Unknown” in the video above works perfectly.

Bliss bug already reported here : https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/apps/BlissLauncher/issues/118

It took me half an hour to find this post and fix the vibrating keyboard on the S9 i just bought :smiley: Thanks !!

Can you explain how to end the vibration of yhe keyboard of samsung s9 android 10.
I switched of all the system keys but the keyboard still vibrates

It’s a n the aettings of the keyboard itzelf.