[SOLVED] What is the location in filesystem of On-device wallpapers?

Can anyone tell me the location of the On-device wallpapers that appear in Settings>Display>Styles and wallpapers?

I’ve tried /system/framework/framework-res.apk but this seems only to contain the default wallpaper. I was trying to locate the entire selection.

Edit: Solved! I tried a bit harder :roll_eyes: Found a thread on XDA Forum explaining that the wallpapers I was after were part of the launcher.

A bit of looking around found them at /system/app/

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Because I would like to pull the entire selection from another device/another custom rom.

I am searching for the wallpapers on my device running v1.17s and do not find it.
I do find some files including wallpaper in their name, but they are all empty? Show hidden files is enabled.
Also everything with launcher or background in the name…
Oddly when I search for wallpaper in the (e stock) file manager it doesnt find anything unfortunately. so maybe theres another topic to be found here as well…
Please help me!

Thank you @AnotherElk !
So no chance to get them on a non-rooted device it seems!
Which is crazy for me, why is that so?
Strange I didnt this other thread, which is much more actual…

On /e/OS you can use Rooted debugging to access system directories.
This is not rooting the device, this only enables root for ADB in connection with a computer.

Thank you @AnotherElk
I was just going to try but found that I dont have the root adb otpion in my develper options on my Xperia Z5 Compact suzuran running v1.17r (Android 11).
So it gives me time to ask: can I make some critical damage to the OS or phone via adb root?

The setting itself is called “Rooted debugging”, this isn’t there?.
If enabled, and if you use ADB to access the phone from a computer, this would give you the possibility to run the adb root command on the computer side, to then have access to all storage via ADB commands.

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I have the official wallpapers from an eOS-Q (I think!) device. Is there something in particular you’re looking for?

@AnotherElk Thanks for the reminder for responsibility, thankfully my powers arent frightening strong :slight_smile:
Rooted debugging isnt there as an option, right.

@chrisrg This is the one Iike most, but there are many others on this version I like. But its r, not Q

My bad, there are only dev builds running on suzuran, it seems, and recent (up to) Android 11 dev builds got Rooted debugging removed in favour of passing SafetyNet … SafetyNet on /e/OS Community "dev" devices - let it in or not? … I always confuse which Android version is needed to have this back.

/e/OS dev based on Android 12 would have Rooted debugging again, but there doesn’t seem to be a further upgrade available for suzuran.

Here you go with that one. There’s two versions, big and small, lol.

I’m uploading the rest to my cloud and will edit this post in a few minutes with a sharing link.



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Very nice, thanks a lot @chrisrg !
Have a great end of the year everyone!:partying_face: