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Hi everyone,

I’m using e on my pixel 4a and Samsung tablet. Although there are a few ROMs which run on Android 13 my devices are still on e 1.11 with Android 11.
It seems like other devices which run on e already work on A13 but why isn’t there an update coming for my devices.

So my question is: How do I know if my devices are going to get an update to Android 12 and 13 and when?

Might be a stupid and very simple to solve question, but I really struggle to find some information on the documentation site and this forum.

Thanks for your help.

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(Android T = 13)

watch the latest https://community.e.foundation/c/e-smartphone-operating-system/development-updates/93 for when A13 development images are accessible to the wider audience, when release will go from the dev to stable branch

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Thanks for that quick and helpful response.

I’m really looking forward to this update.

How can I update my Pixel 4a to Android S (and T after release) ? Because obviously update to S is available for my phone but there is no update occurring in the update section of my settings.

And it possible to easily switch from a dev to a stable build? If yes, how?

Thank you again for help and support.

you’re probably on the stable branch, that’s why no S is offered in the Updater

Flashing from the downloaded images is sufficient. There are some reports to this in the forum.

In any case, have backups


Pixel 4a :

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