Split Screen/ Multi Tasking Option not present

/e/os Version 1.10s, all the latest updates

The option to use 2 apps in split screen mode seems to be missing for all apps. Also switched on “enable non-resizeable in multi window”. No effect.
Am I doing something wrong or is this function not implemented or broken?

Thanks in advance for your help

On FP4, /e/os 1.10 it is there, if I opened at least two Apps…

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On my Mi8 (dipper) on 1.11-s(dev), the screen split is also ok. As @Ulix

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I had a memory that split screen was dropped, confirmed by

Release notes, page 2, e-1.7

Disable long press recent go to split screen (was broken).

On e-1.11-q I do not get split screen by long press recent.

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Ah, this could be it, even though split screen is now usually activated by long press on the app logo in recent apps.

Maybe it’s only on certain phone brands, it’s a shame.

Thank you for the hint!