Switch Your Privacy On with Murena 2

Support Murena 2 on Kickstarter and Be Among the First to Experience True Privacy!

:rocket: Exciting News Alert!

:iphone: Murena has just launched Murena 2 crowdfunding campaign: their latest smartphone innovation featuring a game-changing Privacy Switch button, giving you complete control over your camera and microphone. :lock::mute:

And of course, Murena 2 is powered by /e/OS, the fully deGoogled open-source mobile operating system that helps you regain control over your data.
We’re counting on your support to bring this groundbreaking technology to life!

Ready to be a part of the future of privacy? Dive in and be among the first to pre-order on Kickstarter today! :muscle:

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Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


I like the physical switch, very

reassuring. I am sure Mark Zuckerberg would like one!

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Hello /e/ community, it’s time to make our project successful. So let’s all put our hands in our pockets (according to our means and for those who can) and fund the Kickstarter :wink:

Very beautiful phone, good luck with it :wink:

Hi Murena, I understand that you can’t live on a largely free operating system and that you need to generate revenue to advance your mission and pay your bills. But a campaign on Kickstarter always stirs uneasy feelings in me. I’m still waiting today for my Jolla tablets, which I backed with an immense amount of money in 2015.

I understand Kickstarter as an indicator that Murena is not doing well financially. And so I hope that your campaign will be a great success - and that people will understand that if you want to keep the mission of a privacy-friendly OS, you also have to buy your products. No project can exist on free installations in the long run.

Good luck!!!

Half almost reached at the first day, looks like they will succeed, atleast with the campaign


I don’t feel this Murena 2 at 500 € will be such a success. Because it’s price is too close to the price of the Fairphone 4 (580 € with eOS).
Set aside the privacy switch, the Murena phones does not bring anything close to the Fairphones.
Fairphones are ethically build, not Murenas
Fairphones have a removable battery and a reparability index of 9, Murena have a non removable battery and an index of only 6.
The Fairphone 4 is 5G compatible, not the Murena 2.

IMHO It would be better to try to convince Fairphone to introduce a privacy switch !


That’s what I also thought initially. However, the Murena 2 is certainly ok, not everyone need 5G and a removable battery. And the price of the Super Early bird is fair - currently the Kickstarter campaing is near 20k€ and seems 25k€ will be reached in one day! Which I think is a huge success.

What I’m still missing from Murena is a high-end smartphone and support for more popular smartphones like the Nothing Phone and Samsung Galaxy series… please Murena team consider this in the future to have more high end devices and popular devices available for /e/OS… why not start another Kickstarter campaign or similar in the future (eg. www.startnext.com)

Does this phone work with Galileo ?

What is this phone, hardware-wise?
Is it a specific model by some OEM that I can look up on GSMArena or something unique (unlikely, I presume, given the probable production run involved)?

Great news, I really like the connectivity and camera switches, this must be on every phone! Unfortunately Fairphone has set the bar very high in terms of repairability, sustainability, fairness of their line of products…that the Murena 2 can be seen as incomplete for some people. Also there is no information about what the hardware is and where it is produced. In any case, congrats for this big achievement and I’m happy to see the fundraising objective is already achieved!!

Will it be proposed for leasing with the Commown cooperative?

Confuses me a little ;- ) Fortunately I would say…

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Since ronnz98 suggested a high spec device I would a Murena 2 in a smaller size, sure battery will be smaller and stuff. I would like to know how many would want the same. Something between a Sony XZ2 Compact and Galaxy S22 (around 140mm height). Like my comment so I can see the count :wink:

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A special thanks to all those who chose to back and trust us to go ahead on the project. The active support shows the interest in privacy centric devices. The numbers speak for themselves.



Taken out of context, it’s confusing of course. But reading until the end of the sentence makes it clear I think. Having a FP4 myself I would never mean that having sustainable phones is unfortunate.

Why not make a battery replacable ? Why not install modem that works with Verizon 5g?

Yeah, but … “world’s first” is not correct. Purism’s Librem 5 (running Pure OS) has hardware switches for years. OK, it’s not Android.

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Also in the context I would still argue this is a fortunatly thing generally and personally this is the reason I would not buy a Murena 2. Unfortunatly in terms of sales for Murena and the peace of mind for the people, yes perhaps ;- )

Perhaps one day Fairphone is also using a switch for microphone / camera control and Murena adopts their ease of repairability, sustainability and fairness or they are both happy the way it is now ;- )

Perhaps they should put “world first affordable”… (librem 5 costs 999$) :wink:

Applying strictness this way will lead to nothing apart from the realisation that it’s marketing. And that much had to be clear before reading the Kickstarter text.

They say “first […] for everyone”. In a strict sense it’s still a stretch, but arguably not as far a stretch as if vendors of prior phones with hardware switches would claim the same of their devices (e.g. Librem 5 as a Linux phone, PinePhone with DIP switches on the mainboard).

They say “You can install any of your favorite apps.”
Doesn’t mean 100% of them would work 100% of the time given the degoogled nature of /e/OS … but you can install them.

In “Murena Benefits X Others” there’s more than one place where the “Can be true or not depending on the phone” indicator should go additionally.

It’s marketing, an ad.