Sync problems debug?

My my photos have not synchronized with ecloud since May. (Hmmm, Documents not synching either)

Contacts, Notes, Calendar are synchronizing fine.

I’m on wifi most of the time, synchronization is enabled, my ecloud is not full, I’ve tried creating a new folder for OpenCamera to save photos (no use).

Is there a definitive HOWTO about getting sync working, and/or diagnosing why it doesn’t?

Device Samsung s9+, Firmware

As you may see here for example, eDrive outputs lots of messages in log.
So, your best friend may be logcat :wink:
You can play with logcat options to filter or format output.

A logcat filter I used myself is in eCloud possible issues with syncing content - please test - #19 by tcecyk some issues linked in Photos taking several days to sync. In general, a meta epic acknowledges the sync problems, links filed issues and summarizes a refactoring effort, recently testing an alternative mechanism to trigger sync events.

Missing sync during unplugged times is a known problem. For users who experience a multi-day delay, a valid workaround is to reboot and charge the phone fully. If your last successful sync happened in May the logs will probably show another cause first and it might be worthwhile to debug this anyway.

If you rely on it to work reliably, you should setup the nextcloud sync app and disable the built-in implementation until it has a better track record.