This is not enough



i just installed e on my Moto G4plus and played around for a couple of hours…
Sorry to say but that is not even close to being good.
I was very happy to hear that Gael is making a smartphone OS as a longtime Mandrake user.
But my expectations were too high.
The launcher looks good and nearly everything works ootb but the whole system is not round and polished as other custom roms.
The email client is, sorry to say, crap and will not accept my corporate exchange mail.
The keyboard can´t download other languages than English because they are on the Play Store.
Ok Magic Earth is brilliant but works fine too on my Moto stock rom :wink:

I give it a try for some weeks or so but just for now it is not what i expected from the man who made Mandrake

p.s. sorry for my bad english… would be easier in danish or german :wink:


I totally agree with you on the keyboard… Everything is on the Playstore… But don’t worry the /e/ team is working hard to release a dedicated app store for /e/. There is a post about it here : Applications in /e/ "app store"
You can check if the apps you plan to use will be available. Everything is changing and i hope /e/ will become a standard. It’s not fully functionnal and UI friendly but they are working hard and I believe in this OS.

I don’t use it as my main os but i’m playing with it a little to prepare my switch when /e/ will become better !


A lot of language packs for AnySoftKeyboard are available on f-droid.

I hope that helps you al little.


It is true to say that the user interface is in its beginning and does not perfectly match the whole ROM pattern, but in order to build a clean and secure system, most of the work is not there.
In my opinion, however, it is important to highlight the work done by the team regarding greater adoption of the /e/ ROM. Indeed, it seems true to say that very often, tools who provides a high level of privacy and/or security are not very advanced from a design point of view. In this sense, /e/ seems to be taking the right path.

One last point, just to say, that the ROM will improves itself with feedbacks and its evolution speed is closely linked to its level of adoption.
I hope to find other comments as useful as yours here, it helps to report on areas for improvement.


Thanks for the f-droid links. Helpful indeed :slight_smile:
I will definitely keep /e/ as a toy right now.
It´s just not ready as daily driver for me.
Maybe one time in the future.
But my hopes died before with WebOS, FirefoxOS, Meego, Mæmo, UB touch etc. etc. etc.
If i had the money i would go with Sailfish OS right now.


I want to sell a Sony Xperia with Sailfish X! If you are interested you can buy it from me for 150Euro.